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Base model 280zx project

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Update time. Oil cooler time


Got a complete oilcooler setup from autospot. It was in great condition but the main thing I was interested in was the adapter/sandwich plate.


First step was getting fittings and a bigger oil cooler.



Install was easy, take off the oil filter, use vice grips to take the oil nipple out, install sandwich plate, done.



Made a custom bracket for the new oil cooler to position it in front of my radiator. Used some thin aluminum bar and ran it from the top rad support to the bottom with a 90 degree bend. Bolted on so I could remove it.



The lines came out nice, ran them along the frame rail. Had to widen the AC line hole to make it look a bit nicer.

Here's how the lines turned out:




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What do you mean thermal plate? Like something to keep the hot air from the oil cooler from going into my rad?


So today I went AutoXing again and they recognized me and my car ( I still wanted to run novice and it was only my third time). They laughed at the fact that I was in novice and was outrunning quite a few cars today.


I'm now going to have to run in B street Prepared (BSP) because of my coilovers. This means I'll need a little more power, and what better way to make that happen than with a stock turbo transplant.


Gird your loins for updates.....

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Thermal plate doesn't flow oil to the cooler until the oil gets up to temperature (say 180 deg) It's not your oil pressure but oil flow that is important. You need to get the oil to where it is needed to lubricate parts to keep them from wearing. The viscosity of your oil drops as it's heated and it's not until it's up to temp that it's working optimally. The cooler will protect the oil and increase it's life as well as helping to manage engine temps by mainainting the 180 deg optimal temp. Without the thermal plate it will take much longer to get your oil to the operating temperature you want it to be running at. It works in a similar manner to your thermostat in your car but for a different purpose.

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Its been a while, and I've only gotten a few things done. Painted the sideskirts, front end, and my fenders satin black. Only looks bad because the rest of the car is grey or white.


Fiberglass stuff



Bunch of crap inside the fenders, gross it had been hot and sunn for about a week prior and this stuff was still moist.



The red fender really got to me






And the half finished product




I'm planning on doing the entire roof and rear end as soon as tropical storm debby lets up. Its been raining nonstop for like a week.

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I just used some Krylon satin black, and the rear wing is the ZX-R homologation wing. Its a real urethane one, I believe just over 1000 were made ( 1009 iirc). I hate the fiberglass repros that MSA sells because they don't have the break in the middle like this one does. Downside is that it weighs like 25#.

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OK sooooo some things have changed. First things first is my whole debacle where my car was not running right.




Turned out the diaphragm in my aeromotive FPR was torn and was leaking fuel into the intake, great.




So I ordered one and swapped it in. Ran great. 6 hours later I started my cross country drive back home to Los Angeles. This was August 9th


First day I drove 15 hours, with like 4 hours for breaks (eating, stretching, bathroom, gas etc..). No problems and I thought I was doing good. Stopped just before Houston TX to sleep for the night.


Wake up the next day at 7am to start off and I go through my checklist: Tire pressure, leaking fluids/puddles/ start her up and wait for sounds etc...Well I checked the tread on my tires since I knew they were wearing down on the inside. They had worn down so much in the 1100 miles I drove that they were cupping ( on the inside) and the deep parts were showing chord. Yeah wasn't gonna be finishing the trip on those. Called around tires shops and found a discount tire about an hour away that had a pair of Falken Azenies that would fit the rear. They were 255/50/16. They also had a set to replace the front (225/50/16) so I decided to buy a full set and keep the fronts to sell to my friend when I got back.




As I was travelling though texas, temps got up to 110* in some areas. In fact around 3 pm when I pulled off to a gas station my car just died. Couldn't start it at the stop sign, so I got out and pushed it into the gas station. Put some gas in and cleaned the windshield and it started, but there was a bad whirring sound coming from the fuel pump. so I parked it in the shade and let it cool off for about an hour. started up and it stopped making that sound, so I took off. I made it to about 150 miles outside of El Paso, right after it got dark, and then it happened.


I was trying to pass someone and as I was passing them a rock came out of nowhere on my lane. Couldn't switch so I lined it up and took it. Busted the hell out of my front end




I was super pissed. the turn signal housing actually started to drag about 2 hours later as I would find out when border patrol asked me what happened. I do most of the traveling at night when its cool, since I'm worried about the fuel pump. Haven't had a problem while it was cold though so I thought nothing of it.


I take a nap and make it to Pheonix AZ at 10am ( it's already over 100 by that time) and when I pull off the freeway, bam, car dies. get stuck in a major intersection, pull of as much as I could to let traffic pass and let it sit. Notify my uncle I'm in town with a broke down car. Right before he shows up I get it started, drive it to a parking lot and shut it off. They show up and I tell him about it and we agree to let it sit. Well when we come back it starts, but it makes it about half a block before it dies at a stoplight. So I figure the fuel pump is dead. We stop by an autozone and pick one up. Thankfully my Uncle paid. Swap that in and bam it works fine, but a dust storm has shown up so I get to spend the night at my Uncles. Leave at 3am and make it back to LA Sunday morning August 12th. Not to bad, but my fastest time yet and it would have been faster if my fuel pump hadn't gone out. At this point that engine, has made it cross country 7 times, and 2 times for the car.


So while I'm back I decide to look for a new front to replace my smashed up one. I end up getting new headlight buckets with covers, stock front bumper, and a front lip. Just got that on this morning actually. Here are some pics:





Now I look just like every other 280zx -_- Oh well.

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OK I'm finally back and reunited with my car. Had a brief study abroad stint in France for the last 4 months. 


Basically got back to California on December 27th, and after like 6 days drove the thing back to Florida. It had a horrible exhaust leak that I should have taken care of before I left, but didn't. Because of the leak the car was running rich and it smelled horrible and made that stupid fluttering sound. Hit some snow in New Mexico/West texas which slowed me down a little, but my trusty old datsun made it. 


As soon as I got back to Daytona Beach I rinsed off the bottom of the car, did an oil change and changed out the intake/exhaust gasket. Ran a lot better. Now I'm almost ready to start my Turbo swap (although I've been saying that for like a year now)



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Big things happening. Ordered some rims and sticky tires, and car is currently in a very cheap couple day paint jail. Will see how everything turns out by this friday. 


Also Turbo swap may have a new meaning in the near future after much debate with my friend.

Teaser shots will probably be posted in about 3 days

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They are silver. Still waiting on one set of spacers before I can put them on. Running some Hankook Ventus RS-3's. I had RS-2's (I believe) a long time ago, so I'm excited to try these out.


Also got the car painted one solid color,flattish satin black. This is just a temp color while I do a bunch of work on it, just got really sick of seeing a multicolored car every day for the past 4 years. I found an add on CL for a guy who painted cars for $200. Thought it would take me about half that along with time down to do it myself (which I have done, did not enjoy the exp) so I figured I had nothing to lose. On top of that it was only $200 so I didn't really have high expectations.


Long story short I was quite impressed. Sure there is a tad of overspray, but that was expected.







Next update will be with the wheels on hopefully. I should be getting the rear spacers tomorrow.

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well the spacers are giving me a little troule, but only becasue I walked right into it. The studs on my front set are 1/4 -20 thread and the rear are 12x1.5 thread. So I had the front set studs pressed out and new 12x1.5 thread studs pressed in. Also waiting on my lug nuts to show up. Should be in in a few days. Will update with pics of the rims on the car along with my new plan of action.


In the mean time:


Yes the secnd guy is my friend, Yes he sucked.

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This was achieved with this beast. 1.5in 4x114 to 5x114 spacer/adapter:




I did have to grind down my studs, and I bought a crappy harbor freight angle grinder that actaully broke, so I'm going to need to return it right after I get the fronts on. Only the rears for now, still waiting on some lug nuts for the front. which just got in, but I couldn't pick up since I'm in class.

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