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Turbo heat shields experience

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I'd like to see some pics of people's heat shields on their turbo setups and find out how well they work.

I have a 71 z with a l28et. T3/T4, stock intake/exhaust manifold, and 3" exhaust (heat shields examples with a similar setup would help a bunch.

Im more interested in the sheet metal type shields but any opinions/experience on coatings and wraps would help as well.

Any custom shielding for brake/ fuel lines would be appreciated as well.




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My turbos are old and not water cooled, the blanket hasn't seemed to have done them any harm. Very effective, I can't see a heat shield doing a better job on keeping the heat in and away from your engine bay.

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Look to F1 and the old CART cars, they combined NASA-Grade honeycomb foil blankets and wraps along with secondary shielding at critical components, with airflow ducting.


The 280ZXT had that NACA Duct, which when the car was moving directed heavy airflow down to the turbo and out under the car. When you came to a stop that grille behind the NACA Duct allowed radiant heat from a highway run to rise straight up from under the hood and out.


Blankets are GREAT when you need to keep heat in, and not get nearby components hot. There are very effective blankets, the grey cloth units are used extensively on steam turbines for personnel protection. The foil stuff is even higher efficiency!

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Yeah, I've got a blanket on my turbo, wrapped manifold, and wrapped downpipe. I'm hoping that will be enough.





Won't know til Spring (hopefully) though...


I have been trying to fit a heat shield from the N/A manifold but I really like the blankets. Did you modify your blanket to fit the stock wastegate or did you plumb a hole? If so where did you get it?

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 I found a solution!! I got a factory heat-shield and bought a really nice sticky heat-shield to put on the underside of it.  When I got the sticky one ($50 for 2 sqft) it was so thin and cheap I figured I could make it myself so I whipped up some cheap heat shields that not only work, but work very well.

 I bought some 99 cent store 1/2" tall aluminum trays, they come in two packs I think. Then I pounded the edges flat with a rubber hammer, took 1 piece of soft fiberglass sheet and cut it a little smaller than the tray and put another flattened tray on top (a fiberglass sandwich with aluminum tray buns).  Folded all the edges and hammered them down, folded again, hammered, folded, and hammer. Whats left is a rigid, light, pliable, and turns out quite durable heat shield that can be bolted any where.

On my stove top, with the big burners at full blast, I recorded 330f temps on the bottom side and 80f max on the top side, even with over a minute of direct flame contact.  They didn't discolor or suffer at all from the test.  I bolted these heat-shields around the exhaust manifold (encapsulating it) and turbo. 

Before all this the car suffered a bad case of vapor lock. My intake manifold was too hot to touch after any type of driving but now the car starts up every time and my manifold is the temp of my intercooler after HARD driving. It only gets warm right next to the head now. I'm amazed!  I accidentally cut the sticky shield incorrectly but nobody will ever see that. 






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