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Looking for an opportunity

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I'm looking for a new challenge in my professional life and hoping somebody here might have some ideas or even opportunities. I've been at the same company for 15 years working as a mechanical engineer in differing capacitities on large off road vehicles. I started as a test engineer and worked my way up to engineering management but now I think it is time for something new. Looking to relocate to the western part of our great country or Wisconsin / Minnesota area and would consider working in many different technical or semi technical fields, but am not looking for a typical job in some big corporation (already there). Hoping to find something a little out of the norm in a new place. Please let me know if you have any ideas.


Thanks guys.

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I'm just happy our Sydney Distributor helped me sit for my diesel fitters ticket...

Now it's possible I could go work for him on contract basis. Maybe 90-120 days a year.


But in Aussie Mining Camps at $50+ OT hourly plus perks...


I wouldn't have to work 341 days a year!

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