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4.6 CobraZ

4.6 DOHC / 280Z

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I'm planning a Voodoo in my project (though it may get a Coyote temporarily as I can source one cheaper and have the parts to upgrade the truck engine to Mustang specs which would actually make money when it came out.) All the Ford DOHC and to some degree the modulars are similar as I understand it though I'm most familiar with Voodoo and Coyote. There simply isn't much support out there, all but the Voodoo are heavier than an LS, they are tall and wide. Lots of reasons not to go that route. Personally I'd be better off with an LS as I've done them multiple times before and it's just a better fitting, more cost effective and supported package in many ways. And, just because you have it doesn't mean it's a good idea. Ok, that's the realistic approach and what you are going to run into here for the most part. There is a reason that most of the swaps are LS based. That said...


I think it is doable if you are OK reinventing the wheel and fabricating your own parts. I'm running the Voodoo because I want the free and high revving engine with a more linear power delivery and the sound, well it simply doesn't compare. LS torque hits like a truck down low unless you cam it insane then no smooth low RPM cruise which is great for my JK Jeep (it has a VVT cammed as hot as I can and still keep a smooth bottom end ~600hp 4" stroke LS3 6.8L) but not what I'm looking for in the 240Z. Coyote would be ok but doesn't have the insane sound and high rpm. Coyote is down a little on peak hp and rpm but better torque. In a heavier Mustang, the Coyote is quicker quarter mile but Voodoo goes through the traps higher speed. That might be different with a 2500lb car. The DOHC and VVT give you best of both worlds, you can have top end and still keep a stable bottom. Voodoo just has the sound and insane top end from the flat plane. 4.6L is more or less just heavier and less Coyote (I'm simplifying here). As far as fit, the Coyote is too tall and really close width at the heads. You've got 1" clearance on either side of the the strut tower by my measurements. Down lower on the engine should be clear. There is a low profile race oil pan that should solve height. Bellhousing on the mod motors I think is the same and I have one for my T56 Magnum. LMK if you need that application to source one. Accessory brackets might need moved depending on what you get.


Depending on how far back you go electrical is likely the least of your worries. I think my HPTuners will probably flash it. For sure the Coyote and Voodoo. Otherwise, electrical is just pull the schematic and rewire, not too difficult. The older Z is simple enough I'm planning on just running one new fuse box for engine and car rather than two parallel. Fasteners and wiring on the old girl are severely lacking and I'd rather not have a fire...


Good luck if you choose to go that route, HTH some.



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I did a quick check on ECU compatibility and the earliest Mustang I can flash is 99 - later on other models. You can see the list here. https://www.hptuners.com/vehicles/ I'd be happy to flash one for you if it's possible and you cover costs (credits and shipping).


I'm not sure of workarounds and VATS on the earlier models, if other programmers will do it or if you could retofit a newer harness and ECU. It might get more complicated than its worth.

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