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Decreasing Idle?

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Running my L24 with SU's in a '70 240Z for track and street.  After driving the car for more than 30 minutes, the idle begins to decrease.  Like if I start the drive with the idle set high, around 1100 rpm, after driving it or multiple run sessions on the track, the idle will lower towards 900 then lower.  Then if I'm caught in stop 'n go traffic, the idle sometimes suddenly just drops out and the car will die.  Thoughts?  Thanks.

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My car does the same thing when I get stuck in traffic. I can watch the temp rise, AFR go lean and RPM drop. Normally i idle at 1000 rpms but on a hot day stuck in traffic my rpms will drop to 600.  Once I break out of traffic and row through the gears then everything goes back to normal.  

Try adding a heat shield and header wrap if applicable. or re think your fan/radiator setup.

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