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Change of Plans...

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So, I've been planning on building either a Ford V8 or the L28 in my 280z long-term project, but I've had some things happen in past months that may drastically change my plans.


A friend of mine has 230 and 250 straight-sixes sitting in his shop and he's looking to do some Spring cleaning.  He may want to off-load the 250, and I may be getting it in my hands.  I know he re-used the L6 brackets to swap out for a 350, but I'm wondering if the reverse is possible.


MSA sells a 350 V8 conversion kit with brackets and mounts, and I'm wondering if these can be used to mount a 250.

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I really can't think of a single reason why someone would want to swap in a Chevy 250. So many other better options out there, including the stock L28, which is a fine motor.


Regarding length, I have both an L28 and Chevy 250 on hand to measure.


Chevy 250 measures about 31" from the single row pulley on the front to the transmission mating surface on the back. Factory fan adds about 6", so that won't work.


L24 measures nearly the same at about 30.5" from the front of the three row pulley to the transmission mating surface on the back. A single row pulley will drop the length to about 29".

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