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Weird noise and loss of power now smoking out of the tail pipe L28et

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Hello HZ family.

L28et,fmic,mbc,[email protected], stock t3, stock block and head. Z31 ecu


I was at the drag strip on Friday and had something bad happen and I am trying to get some help with a possible diagnosis.


Car had been running good all night but only making 10 psi. When it should of been at 14psi using mbc. So we marked at took apart the mbc cleaned it and set back to were it was marked. Went to make another pass and car came on to boost as was at 14-15 psi I looked over to check my afr and looked back at boost and saw 17psi and then it made a weird noise and lost power.

Car still running drove off the track with smoke coming out the tail pipe and back to the pits.


Car will idle fine but smoke slightly. With Rev good but puffs a good amount of smoke. And will not make any boost.


Here is a video of the run and the you can hear the weird noise.




Any help would be great thank you.

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Turbo touched off, and the impeller is wrecked. 

Pull your inlet to the turbo and feel the impeller, likely it's really sloppy now...

Smoke likely coming from damaged turbine seals, if it does free itself up when it comes on boost it will be with a rather loud "WOOOOO WOOOOOO!" noise instead of the turbine sound previously. The oil smoke will only get worse, and in very short order if you get the turbine rotating again...


Time for a new turbo is my bet. If that was a stock turbo, my guess is you didn't read the warnings about operation above 13psi as they don't last long, even when refitted with a 180 degree thrust bearing.

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