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Z Forum User Name Suggestions

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For those of you ready to join this forum, but were waiting for a member, with WAY too much time on his hands,

to post a wacked out list, then this is your lucky day!


First, for you Canucks, just add an "eh" to everything, like this =  its-a-Z-eh, or like this = two4teeZ-eh


Totally240 / Zspeak / 2-4-T-Z / BecauseZcar / Dotsun / Zlocity, Zelocity / 2fortyZ / Datzoom / S30sRule


Z-licious, Zelicious / oohdat / Z-nith / Dat-Sun-Of-A-Gun / ZsRock/ Zing / RumpetyZ / ZanyZ / On these next


ones, use a Jamaican inflection.  Z-car-mon / Zmon / Its-a-Z-mon / or  German/Jamaican = Dots-A-Z-mon


I've had fun with this today, a nice break from my Sudoku. BTW, I have no idea if any of these are taken....


rather doubt it.



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I think Dotsun is taken. Not long ago, I saw someone here with a username that was clearly meant to be "Datsun" but they spelled it wrong. I wanted to reach through my screen and smack them upside the head. How do you spell the name of your own car incorrectly? It's on the fuckin title, and several more times inside and outside of the car. Drives me nuts when I see a "Dotsun 240z" for sale.



PS, Canucks say "Zed."

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That is a whole search criteria for finding deals on craigslist. Just mis-spell everything. 300z, 240zx, 280z posi, dotson, nisan, trubo, etc etc etc. Surprising what you can find sometimes. I once found a no reserve bid for a part I wanted a long time ago that was listed under RXS instead of RSX. Got it for 5 cents or something.

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