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I have purchased the vintage air 2 for my 70 to 240 Z I was hoping someone knows the specs/measurements for the brackets to install the unit under the dashboard I cannot weld so I’m trying to just put together steel brackets and put  them together to fit but I could use some help with how far up and down place it in side to side so I’m not spending an arm and a leg on the brackets.  Or if anyone has got extra ones welded I’m willing to purchase them ?😀




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I  don't know of anyone that makes a full kit. There is also a third bolt on the right rear of that AC box that you can not see in these photos, I wonder how he mounted that one. 

I mounted mine a tad further back. Which had it's challenges. There is a fair amount of fab work in getting one of these systems to work and fit within the chassis. I built my own compressor mounts, condenser mounts, welded up the old HVAC holes, made new HVAC holes, made up the hoses, made brackets to mount said hoses. Other than welding there was a lot of figuring out and fitting parts. However, I am LS swapped and have other packaging issues.  Pancho is a cool dude, me will probably share dimension with you. 


You could probably get pretty creative with some angle iron, flat bar, and make a mostly bolt together bracket solution for the box under the dash. Or put your parts together and have a friend weld them. Heck mail them to me and I will burn them together for you. 

20180106_182158 (1).jpg

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Thank Llava for all that info the only lucky part is I will be using the original engine but as for welding the brackets together heck ya I will take you up on that offer! 😀 I will see if Pancho can get me the sizes to get that done 👍🏼😬

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