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What is this part? (is there a thread for this?)

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1978 280z with 1982 L28ET


I have looked diagrams but this looks like it is on a custom bracket so I am a bit confused. It is on the driver's side right in front of the J-pipe. I think it had a fuel line coming off of it but I can't remember now that I look at it. Does it look familiar to anyone?



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Not fuel, just vacuum from the manifold (there's a check valve in the supply tube that keeps boost from the VCM).  It has two vacuum solenoids that control EGR and AAC.  There are four hose connections in the stock installation: One from the intake manifold, one from the cold air boot (IIRC), and two to hardlines on the side of the manifold that lead to the AAC and the EGR valves.  I think most people with turbo engines in their early Z have already removed the VCM and capped the lines...  It does leave you without EGR and AAC however - assuming the VCM is actually still working.

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