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  1. I'm in Bellevue. I have a '78 280z with an '82 L28ET. I bought it with the swap completed though cus I wanted to avoided that hassle. I tore down my engine a few months ago to throw in a bigger turbo, Megasquirt, injectors, fuel pump, intercooler, etc. and it has been down ever since. I probably need more help than you do LOL
  2. Do a search. There are a lot of examples scattered on here. This thread shows a lot of wheels, some with flares. I would start by combing through this: https://forums.hybridz.org/topic/58528-wheel-show-post-your-pics-of-you-wheels/
  3. I don't have any advice for you, but I am super curious how this works out. As someone who just paid about $1000 to have my OEM turbo rebuilt and upgraded to T3/T4, I will be pretty envious if this works for you with a dramatic explosion 😁
  4. Are those turn signals on the back...? If so, that could be pretty cool. I always felt the signals in the stock 280z location were hard to see.
  5. yeah, it does. I was thinking the same thing but it came with plastic so I bought plastic...
  6. 1/8" NPT is right, with a 1/4" ID hose. I will definitely plug one of the boost reference ports on the comp. housing. Makes things way easier without that T fitting. Thanks!
  7. Don't be scared! Nothing is mounted yet. The harness just fell that way while I held it for the pic. Side of the shock tower seems like an easy location and I'll throw it on there. Yeah, I would prefer to avoid a vacuum line adapter. I was wondering about having larger barbs for the solenoid. My concern was, if I add in larger barbs, does that risk running too much air through the EBC and damaging something? I was thinking it might have had the smaller barbs for a reason, but I have no idea. If not, this seems like the easiest solution.
  8. I also have one I just took off a few weeks ago if CGSheen falls through
  9. I have a couple questions about my electronic boost controller that I am using with MegaSquirt. The EBC has 3 ports. I assume 2 are input/output for the vacuum line and the 3rd is actually the air that vents to atmosphere? Does which port you use matter? See pic #1. Can I install it behind the heat shield here (on the master cylinder side - see pic #2)? If not, where is typical? If I install it here, is the "vent to atmosphere" gas gonna be too hot for the master cylinder or is that amount insignificant? The tube coming out of the turbo/wastegate is much larger than the one going into the EBC - how should I best address this step down and step up in size without a ton of awkward connections? EBC (#1): Install Location (#2): Hose to wastegate is different size than EBC connection (#4):
  10. So don't think I can pony up for ceramic coatings, but I used heat wrap on the downpipe and ex. manifold and added a blanket to the turbo. Now I am reading that using wrap on exhaust manifolds is a bad idea... Something about it causing the steel to become hotter than it would if it just vented normally and causing it to crack. What do you think ? Is a heat wrap not recommended? How come the stock engine did not use it if it was so necessary?
  11. I'm not looking for 400hp performance. Looking for a modest ~280hp or so. Seems like coating the ex. manifold would be overkill? A blanket is easy enough, I can add that to the turbo
  12. Hey guys, Just wanted to let you know how my Gpop shop turbo rebuild went in case anyone was looking at going to them: http://gpopshop.com/ Before: 1982 L28ET Garret AiResearch stock T3 turbo After: Upgraded into T3/T4 hybrid with T4 .50 trim compressor wheel and Stage III exhaust turbine. All moving components rebuilt/replaced if applicable. Review: So far, I am very satisfied with their work. When they said "we will make your turbo like new" I was skeptical. They took my 35 year old turbo and genuinely made it better than it was when it was new back in 1982. Externally, it looks great. I decided to have Gpop upgrade my stock turbo because I didn't want to deal with fabbing up external wastegates or put in spacers to get something aftermarket to fit. The cost (~$900 btw) was comparable to buying a new Garrett hybrid and in the end I get something that I know will bolt right in AND has a warranty to boot. Also, their customer service was awesome. I say "Externally, it looks great" cus I haven't finished putting together my engine yet 🙃 I'll update the review with actual performance "soon"!
  13. I According to Gpop, a new housing would be an additional $100-$250 and they commented:
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