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Where does the "Reputation" description come from?

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You see the little nuclear cloud on the lower left portion of my post window.


If you move your mouse over that you'll see it is a radio button of sorts that you can click on and add to my reputation. Now you can't add to your own reputation, but others can.


Oddly enough it has levels, and at somepoint you become human and actually have a life, and then further down the road you become larger than life, like Mikelly, then at some way off distant future you become godlike, like ol' SuperDan.

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You'll have to remember that when I went to high school the newest thing we had was the IBM selectric typewriter. A PC cost 8K back then and nobody I knew had one. If you did have one it would only do a few things.


When I got my masters I was way behind the 8 ball on software and hardware. The "new" 486 had just come out and it was oh so hot!


This too will come in time, lots of good info, good people, enjoy and "shift ".

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Your not alone on this issue......I don't know how many times I've helped people out over the years on this forum with good information and I still have the "unknown quanity square" under my avatar! Makes no sence to me...but then again, it will not effect me in helping others out in the future. Maybe one of the administrators will allow me a green square????



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