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  1. Not sure this will help you out any but, I've changed out my stock 12mm studs to 3" long 1/2" (12.7mm) studs to accommdate custom spacers and -35mm offset wheels intended for 12mm studs. the wheels fit over the studs without issue.....however, there is less clearance between the studs and wheel stud holes. The wheels I speak of are manufactured by Aldstadt and are 17"x8" (f) & 17"x9" ® both with -35mm offset. Tom
  2. Regarding the original post about the McDonalds receipt, does it really matter if it is grammatically correct or not, because most people who eat McDonalds garbage wouldn't know if it was grammatically correct to begin with or can't read anyway! Just an other indication of how intelligence is on the slide. My 2 cents worth!
  3. Or......maybe they're just discussing which side to pass the Z on!
  4. IMO, you will be fine without them. Discs my get wetter in the rain however! I've removed mine without issues.......but, I only drive my 240 in good weather! Tom
  5. Interesting post! Regarding a 55 year old guy on a crotch rocket, even though this guy may be a numbskull,......I happen to be 57 years young and just purchased an 09 R1! Mind you, I've been riding for over 30 years, in the dirt, on the street, and held a roadrace licsence for 3 years. However, I would most certainly not advise someone with little or no experience to purchase such a bike as a first bike!!! Shoot, my R1 puts more HP out at the rear wheel (150+) than my 240Z does. Anyway, as we all know, there are far more numbskulls out there than not. Tom
  6. If I understand you correctly, the answer is yes......the physical dimensions of both engines are the same. Tom
  7. What has been done successfully is to either fabricate spacers to eliminate the extra tolerance when using 10mm in a carrier designed for 12mm bolts. I may be wrong but, I think your 8mm bolts are actually 10mm. When I installed my Precision Gear LSD unit, I encountered the same question you have asked! Precision Gear's advise was to fab spacers or not. If no spacers are to be used, besure to rotate the ring-gear in the direction it would naturally take when loaded. Be sure to use lok-tite and the proper torque on the ring-gear bolts. There is a write up on this subject in the archives....just
  8. Since my computer doen't allow me to see your picture, I can't identify your 5 spd. However, I've install the close ratio 5 spd from a 1983ZX in my 1970 Z and the shifter will not be centered in the stock 4 spd location without modification to the shifter and a slight trim job at the front of the sheet metal tranny tunnel opening. Basically, I took the stock 5 spd shifter, cut it with a long angle (for maximum welding surface) just above the pivot thru hole, calculated my desired position for the shifter and bent up a 5/8" heavy wall piece of 4130 tubing and welded it in place. It turned out p
  9. I also am using the Moroso wheel studs (3" long and pass through the wheel spacers). I actually went with 1/2" as opposed to the 12mm threads. No reaming was required to accommodate my wheels! Tom
  10. Grumpy, Try calling your local Fire Dept. They should be able to help you out! Tom
  11. Regarding the brass trigger guard, it is also possible it is an aftermarket guard as they were available at that time. One of my old shooting buddies has the same revolver only with a 7" barrel. He purchased and installed a brass trigger guard. It's certainly in the $400.00 + range. Tom
  12. Was that not impressive????? Of course he didn't jam his finger into the blade, which is most likely the case when an accident takes place but, a very impressive invention to say the least. This is a really good show....especially if your a techie kind of guy! Tom
  13. One additional thought, with the roller bearing pilot bearing, if and when it fails you may also be looking at a new input shaft! Tom
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