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Well I'm close with an Infinity G35. I chose it over the Z because it had back seats and a trunk. None the less the stock automatic drivetrain proves to be quite powerfull. I am now wondering what the weight of a 6 speed 350Z drivetrain is. It really would be a nice swap for a 280Z. Maybe a little tamer than the LS1/T56 I'm sporting now.

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I have a 2003 350Z that is 100% stock, and I plan on keeping it that way. I've got enough projects in the works.


I love the powerband of the VQ35. Flat torque curve, linear power. It is great fun to drive (my nice day, daily driver).


Putting the VQ35 in an S30 would be a great project, and a nice power to weight ratio. If I were to do a project like that, I would swap the Nissan engine management as well. Out of the box, the VQ35 runs amazing. Why throw away all that Nissan engineering?

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We (ok, my wife) have the 05 GT Roadster. After 2 years it now has 3K miles. It will probably be stock forever, and we will probably have it as long as I've had the 280 (over 25 years now). Part of the reason I did the LS2/T56 was because I could no longer keep up with her.


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Guest alpine



How long has this forum been around? I have been over at my350z since the beginning and have bounced around in general but I found this place today over at precisionz.com from their links page.


I found them because of my looking for a local tuner shop in the san fernando valley for my 2003 Track Edition APS TT car.


I had a great shop in Culver City, but then have since changed owners and then went out of business and as I don't have the time to deal with

my car in los angeles or futher, I'm looking for someone local, but that isn't a easy order.


Anyhow, wanted to introduce myself here, say hello and see what is all going on around here.


As I mentioned I have a APS Twin Turbo kit (since late '04), I used to regulary road course my car and did some 1/8 and 1/4 drag days and last but not least, my car takes a beating every day and is my daily driver.


See ya round,



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