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  1. Wow, in my family the dirt and grime of a project was a badge of honor to show off to all the interior decorators at Home Depot. And to show the ladies that we were useful
  2. I would suggest a 968 3.0L swap, good for 236hp and supposedly a pretty simple transplant, but I can't imagine how expensive such a rare motor would be.
  3. What engine do you have in there? Going to keep things stock, Porsche, or go fast ?
  4. That would be an awesome project, but. . . I am working part time, going to school full time, and don't have a garage. With all this rain we have been having I haven't even been able to start pulling the head off, which is no small project. If I did have a garage it would change things immensely, after sundown work grinds to a halt. Really limits productivity Not to mention seeing all those LT1 and LS1 Camaros and Firebirds on craigslist for pretty slick deals. In the end though it would cost several grand more than I am able to put into it right now, but in a few years with an engineering degree situations will be different.
  5. Not to mention they are pretty affordable 2nd hand. Especially when the head gasket goes, got myself a '93 4-door auto for $300. Even if the motor is toast, well, something will be put in there The BMW tool to get the head bolts out is only ~$50, but who knows, it seems to be just a torx bit. Have to try welding and 'adapting' something less expensive first.
  6. Why yes, so do I, but it really isn't that fun down here with our draconian smog laws in California. I am not sure if I can put M3 cams in the head, since it is a non-Vanos one. Took one look at M3 heads, and then ran the other way . One nice omission on that car is Vanos. After looking at the steps to remove and install such a system, I am really happy that my car doesn't have it. The mechanisms also fail, sticking at a particular advancement, bet that is great for the motor. Oh yes, forget things when my coffee is still kicking in. Paid $300 for it
  7. Found a gem of a '93 325I. Auto, just a tick over 160k miles. The head gasket is blown, but the PO parked it as soon as it went. Hopefully the head isn't cracked, really don't want to deal with that.
  8. Pete84

    1993 BMW 325I

    $300! And a blown head gasket . . .
  9. Thread on that 'Vette? Any details at all on how to purchase a Clunker'ed car from a junk yard and get it re-titled?
  10. Given the proximity to Hanford and the presence of a UFO 'monitoring' the situation, that was not a wind storm. It was a by-product of the new super weapon program that is being developed by the Invisible Government that controls the United States.
  11. There is a thread over on Bimmerforums of a Grassroots $200X challenge build. The team has a '86 325 coupe, same as I have, and on their four wheel scale setup it weighed in at 2436 lb!! Oddly, BRAAP is over there too . . . who would thought of that ? And the team has a VH45DE! http://forums.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1343977
  12. Yup, I have friends who do that. One has a 240SX with a SR20DET, registered to his brother in Oregon. It has been pulled over by CHP and they let it go, since it was out of state.
  13. Got this '86 325E a month ago. Around 250,000 miles, odometer is broken, but the transmission still shifts crisply and the motor pulls great. What service manual is recommended? Bentley or Chiltons? I have access to alldatapro.com, which is really handy, but like to have a book on hand. Get to do the water pump and consequentially the timing belt as well. Also, Kragen parts are good enough, right? Or do I need to got to a special BMW parts house?
  14. Pete84

    1986 325E

    Vinyl Seats!!!
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