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Ross' Sleeper Z

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Update time!  I've been working on the Z intermittently, the inside part of the floor pans are painted and ready for sound damping.  I'm currently working on the underside, wire brushing the surface rust off.  I'll follow that with Ospho, etch primer then finally 3M underbody coating.


Top side of the floor pans done...





Test fit the S2K seats...yah these are gonna work :)



Oh, and I got my son his first car, a Z of course :)  2004 with only 37k on the clock. Spoiled rotten kid!



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Ah! This is perfect timing for this post. Are those just plain holes in the new rails you made? Or do they have a threaded nut welded on the other side? Last question, did you just use some 1x2 steel for that? 


New shell I got doesn't have seat rails and don't quite feel like reusing the originals from my old car since my hair skims the headliner at stock seat height 

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The holes in the rails are currently just plain holes.  I just purchased a cool rivnut installer so I'm planning to drill it out for 1/4" rivnuts.  Regarding the angle, I just used 1x1 angle, tacked it to the sides then welded on 14 gauge to the side to tie in the floors.  If I did it again, I would just use 1x2 as you mentioned.  The challenge is getting the angle to fit on all sides to the irregular shape of the floor.  I made many, many trips back and forth from the car to the bench grinder.  Probably should have just clamped the grinder to the floor pan in the car to save myself so many trips!  If you're that tall I wouldn't recommend using S2K seats.  They sit very tall even with shortened rails.  I'm a tad under 5'11" but have a long torso.  I can only get 3 fingers between my head and the headliner.

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