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  1. Not final, but here is my progress installing the intercooler piping.
  2. RJ280ZX

    Ross' Sleeper Z

    Too bad you are not closer, I could do it for you. If you need some parts let me know, I usually get really good deals. Here are a couple shops near you, I haven't used them before, but they are active on TexasNissans.com Please Feel free to contact Ben and Dane via email at houstonzauto@gmail.com by Phone at 936 463 8966 or Visit their Facebook page www.facebook.com/houston.zauto Powerfab Auto: Cypress Creek Parkway #703 Houston, TX 77070 Phone: 281-477-0572 sales@powerfabauto.com www.powerfabauto.com
  3. RJ280ZX

    Ross' Sleeper Z

    Z32 or Q45 diff swap is what I recommend
  4. RJ280ZX

    Ross' Sleeper Z

    Looking forward to it.
  5. RJ280ZX

    K sport coilover

  6. RJ280ZX

    VW 1.9TDI Swap

    You might look into the Mercedes straight 5 cylinder engine. A lot of people are doing them in jeep swaps. I personally know of a guy that did the swap in his 94 Jeep Wrangler and is getting 30 mpg.
  7. RJ280ZX

    Post Your Interiors!

    7" touchscreen monitor run by a mini-itx motherboard
  8. RJ280ZX

    Has anyone used a iPad for there sound system?

    iPad can't run megasquirt or MSD software 7" Touchscreen in a 280ZX
  9. RJ280ZX

    Post Your Interiors!

    Been working on this for a few weeks Running Windows 7 64 bit 3.4GHz AMD quad core 8GB ram GPS, Webcam Controlls MSD 6-AL2 programmable and will control megasquirt as soon as i get it installed.
  10. RJ280ZX

    Looking for stage 1 camshaft for l28et

    I have a stock cam from a P90 head. It's still on the head.
  11. RJ280ZX

    Killer deal on Quaife ATB diff!

    Just checked the site. They are selling for 1162.00 after you put it in your cart. TW Street Performance can get it for 1125.00 Shipped 972-467-5056
  12. L31ET Stroker In Progress, Crank Purchased, P90 Head and Cam Purchased, Rods????

    1. RJ280ZX


      Went with the L24 Rods 9mm bolts

  13. RJ280ZX

    p90 head rebuilt

  14. RJ280ZX

    L28 piston options

    How much boost you plan on running?
  15. RJ280ZX

    p90 head rebuilt

    What are the specs on the Cam?