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In Topic: Wanted - R180 3.9:1 LSD or an LSD unit; XDi DIS ignition

09 September 2016 - 03:39 PM

Rare parts to be looking for these days. You are the 2nd in a week looking for a R-180 3.90 diff and LSD if your

throwing it in ,as I recall the poster said ..... Since the 3.90 was never a USA street car application ,the Datsun Competition Dept

used to be the only source 40 years ago. Now there are people using the Suby 4 wheel drive front diffs(same as Nissan uses)

and they have a 3.90 .Problem is you have to source a new set of stub flanges I'm told . I have not dealt with anything other than the Nissan street car and Datsun comp diffs ,so I can't comment. I believe two different people have made the modified parts.

The Datsun 4x4 trucks have 4.38 if you want to get some real gear in your car !

Yes, I know! I'd settle for an R200 3.9 LSD, but I really want to avoid the extra weight. I've looked into the Scooby stuff and a mid-2000s WRX had an R180, but even those are hard to come by. I have a source for flanges, though. Don't want a 4.38, though; not doing a drag car. 

In Topic: New member, owner of multiple Zs, just re-entered the hobby

22 December 2015 - 12:43 PM

Did a little digging on the interwebulars and found that the car in this thread is the car I bought and this OP'er is the prior owner, now deceased. Pretty interesting story. Though, I have the original speedo (in kph) and the markings on the back of "26 07 2" equate to 1976 (!). Will have to look under the dash and for more info.