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  1. Hi: Doing some research and cannot find this; maybe it doesn't exist. Any stock pistons (flat-top or minimal dish) that will fit an L6 with roughly 30mm pin height in 86-88mm bore dia.? Thanks.
  2. So I found myself a vintage plate issued in the year my car was built. Some fun numbers on it, too. But I also have historic vehicle plates already issued. Which would you use? (The car's on historics now, which preclude any periodic emissions testing and listed-mileage insurance. Actual numbers fogged to protect the innocent.) Thanks.
  3. Yes, I know! I'd settle for an R200 3.9 LSD, but I really want to avoid the extra weight. I've looked into the Scooby stuff and a mid-2000s WRX had an R180, but even those are hard to come by. I have a source for flanges, though. Don't want a 4.38, though; not doing a drag car.
  4. Hi. Looking for an R180 with limited slip, 3.9:1 ring & pinion which doesn't need immediate admission to the Intensive Care Unit. Alternatively, could do with a fresh LSD unit to install in my existing 3.9:1 R180. Also, unlikely to find one, but looking for an Electromotive XDi (or XDi2) distributor-less ignition system for six-cylinder (box, three-coil unit, trigger wheel). I'm in Phoenix. Thanks.
  5. Hi: Looking for a good set - in perfect shape, needing nothing or good rebuildable - of 45 DCOEs for an L28 build. I actually have a manifold & linkage already, so I don't need that. Alternatively, I'd also consider a set of Mikuni 44 PHH sidedrafts, but those are quite rare these days. Thanks.
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