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  1. This is such an awesome picture. Is there a full-size version? Amazing thread btw.
  2. Nice read. Long, but still pretty entertaining. Looks like you have your hands full. It should be fun, good luck!
  3. Thanks Pete. I posted a wanted ad and have been getting all sorts of help so far! Definitely a great community and can't wait to own a Z.
  4. Hey I registered on the forum a couple days ago and it won't let me post or anything. I get this message saying my acct needs to get validated. Any help?
  5. That's genius and I want one. In fact, I wouldn't mind having the one that blue72 has. That thing looks badass. I lol'd when the robot tried to do donuts in the vid.
  6. That's pretty hideous. Poor Teg...
  7. Haha yea dude I've heard of CTZCC but that's about it. And yeah that's what it seems like lol if/when I get my Z I'd be down for some Summer cruising around Beantown.
  8. Hey man thanks for the advice. I haven't been looking for too long (about 4 months) so I guess it would be best to remain patient. Sidenote, do you know of any Z clubs/meets in the Boston/RI area? I'd love to meet/cruise with other Zs when I get mine.
  9. Mike, thanks for the heads up. I'll give him a call this afternoon and let him know you told me about it. I appreciate it!
  10. I agree with the others and vote for correctly spot priming the car to at least keep the rust minimal and stop spreading. I had a question for you OP, I noticed you were from Beantown. I'm from RI and can't find a solid 240 anywhere near here lol. Any suggestions? Where did you pick yours up if you don't mind me asking.
  11. This spoiler definitely looks good. Bump for more updates/pics.
  12. Still looking... I'd be willing to travel to parts of CT and MA.
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