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  1. I installed the adjustable FPR (not RR, just adjustable). I now have 30 psi at idle (with the vac line hooked up), 40 psi with it unplugged (same as key on, engine off, pump running), 50-51 at full boost (with boost controller set to make 10lbs of boost). But, I just sold/traded the car to a friend of mine and his plan is to pull the turbo/injection off and put S/U's on it! It will sound much better (which is why he's doing it) but I'm loving the 200 lbs-ft of torque it makes now, he's going to lose ... what about 70 of that? Hmph. So I need to do some searching for him, but
  2. Tim, that's a good point. My AFR is tracking in the 13 to 13.5 to 1 range from 2k rpms to 4500, then it creeps up steadily crossing 14:1 just under 5000 rpms and touches 14.5:1 at 5500 where I let off fearing potential damage. Max power on the dynojet is 162rwhp at 5k, with max torque of 188 ft-lbs occuring at 4300. The plugs all look good and the same, but I don't know if you would be able to tell by a plug inspection that an injector was a little off. BTW, these numbers are with a 2.5" mandrel bent exhaust and straight through core 2.5" magnaflow muffler. With an open downpipe (2
  3. BTW, the MSD 2222 is the adjustable FPR that I am planning to buy. The MSD 2225 is a fuel pump. If I were'nt so impatient, I would have gotten an aftermarket pump (MSD or Walbro), but again I don't think my new generic pump is the problem since it will make 75 psi with the return line clamped off. I just want to get the pressures to meet the stock settings to get my AFR's in line so I can turn up the boost!
  4. Thanks for all the info. It is the pump they specified for the turbo ... but they specify the same pump for the n/a motor (and for EVERY other Nissan made that year). It's a generic thing. But I don't believe the flow rate of my pump is my problem. We are talking about fuel pressure being too low at idle as well as everywhere else. When the car is under load I don't have a problem with pressure falling off (which is what it would do if the pump was not keeping up), it's just too low all the time. The AFM may well be out of adjustment, but before I mess with it I wanted to get m
  5. My '70 240 is powered by a stock l28et (83 style). It was running lean throughout the rev range on the dyno, so I checked the fuel pressure. Testing results before changing any parts: - Key on pump running engine off = 35 psi (should be 38-40) - At idle = 27 psi (s/b 30-32) - Throttle tip in = 33/34 psi (s/b 37) - At 7psi boost = 40 psi (s/b 47) - At idle with return line clamped off = 44 psi initially, dropping to 42ish (s/b ??? 60 ???) Installed new autozone pump: - all test results the same EXCEPT with return line clamped it now holds 75psi Installed new autozo
  6. I'll throw in my 2 cents on fitment. I have these wheels in a 16x8 with 10mm offset. My car is (unfortunately) at stock ride height. When I test fit a set of 245/45/16's, the front sidewall was in sligth contact with the spring perch. The rear would have fit except for some contact with the body work in a severe bump. If I had coilovers and the car was low, the front would have been fine (cut off stock spring perch and using 2.5" ID springs). In the rear, significant fender rolling and possibly stretching would have been involved. I am running 225/50/16's instead. I had to mass
  7. If 225 is wide enough for you, you can't really get any more tire selection than what is available in 225/50/16. For that matter, there is a pretty good selection of 245/45's available too ... just check tirerack or edgeracing.com.
  8. I know the 81's had the CAS down on the crank pulley while the 82 and 83 had the CAS in the distributor. I'm not aware of any other differences. At any rate, I know my distributor does have the CAS in it. I don't know what year my ECU is from as the part no. does not appear on the ECU part number list I have. Do you know what year the ECU you loaned me is from?
  9. The wheels will not be back on the car until my tires come in the middle of next week. I'll definitely post back up with MUCH better pics once they are on the car. Thanks! Russ
  10. Dave, thanks for the input. And thank you for your generousity with the ECU loan! I replaced the coil itself (the old one was leaking oil), but not the power transistor. I had ordered a coil from the local import autopart store, but when it came in it was a coil only ... and made in China. They had a Bosch blue coil on the shelf, so I got that instead for the same money. I did not think this could effect timing advance so I had not mentioned it. Do you agree? No, I don't know if the car was ever getting advance. So this problem could date to the time of the swap 6 or 8 years and 2
  11. 18racing.com sells rota's they have the RB (looks similar to a panasport) to fit Z's with proper offset
  12. OK, I installed the known-to-be-good ECCS that Dave lent me (THANKS DAVE!) and found no change ... I still get no advance as I bring the revs up. Rats!!! What now? I'm at a loss. Based on the knowledge that Bernardd shared about the TPS signal triggering the ECCS to not advance, I'm going to triple check the TPS, though I already did. Any other suggestions? I'm trying to get this straight in my head. On an old school dizzy, when the weights spin and crank in the advance they make the point plate turn. But since the ECCS is doing the job of the points and the advance plate with computer m
  13. They are gunmetal. Details here: http://forums.hybridz.org/showpost.php?p=803536&postcount=91
  14. No, the 10mm pulls them into the car relative to the zero offset that most people seem to think is correct for the car. I got them from 18racing.com. Thanks for the compliment, I know I love them!
  15. Armand, thanks for the kind words! These are the perfect wheels for a Z as far as I am concerned and I am thrilled to have them. They look very similar to Panasports, but I actually like them better (the color helps!). I need to weigh them before I mount the 225's, I'll guess about 17lbs but I want to know myself so I'll get back to you. I believe that 245/45's would fit on the rear with fender rolling, it might require some fender stretching but that will likely vary from car to car. The lip I'll have to measure, but I'd guess it's between 2.5 and 3". I got mine from 18racing.com. The
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