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  1. some day I will finish it..some assembly required batteries not included
  2. are you still building rb26 pans for 240z? are they aluminum?
  3. I have nos pair of wipers and arms
  4. I have a used one and a nos one let me know if your interested
  5. I have a new dash if your interested
  6. I have a vlcd c/v shafts companion flanges Arizona Z aluminum mustache bar and rear say bar mount
  7. I have two, one is nos the other is used
  8. No I didnt take any pics of the inside the pan. Why dont you like what you have done?
  9. Thanks it has been alot of work. the oil pickup is external it goes to the oil pump
  10. That is an i/c from ebay. 31" overall lengh 4" thick and 12" tall.
  11. I posted some more pics of my rbz http://s632.photobucket.com/albums/uu44/zcarmark/
  12. after aday of playing we gt it running really good. But have a slight mis at idel. problem I think that I have mismatch mas sensor. One of the origanel one was broke. What do I have to do to use z32 mas. I 'm running a blitz accsess ecu.
  13. How do you hook up a timming light to rb26. Also how do you adjust the tps:wc:
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