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  1. I have to have my head redone on my 78 280z. atm it all stock with a 3 angle valve job but i wanted to see about getting 1mm over sized valves. Any one have suggestion of who sales them? Any suggestions?
  2. wow after reading all this, i want to look into this deeper. im glad I askedthis question lol
  3. Ok my stock strusts and springs are shot so I decided it time to upgrade a little sooner then exspected. So for lowering springs, which do you guys recomend. The Tokico Performance Spring Kit, or Eibach Progressive Spring Kit for my 78 280. If any one have picture with how there car looks with any of these ill love to see. And for struts ive decided on Tokico HP's
  4. Thanks for the imput, after i get my Strusts and lowering springs, i think ill order them
  5. Really, well if that the case im a jump on it then tonight, lol to bad no discounts for Z members hehe just kidding lol
  6. And im looking at the price, i think its worth it for the price. Heck ill deal with the clips for the price lol
  7. Well i know my stock coonectors had that metal clip in them. honestly the only reason i need new ones because some one that was helping me with braking the motor down, never saw that style of clips before and broke all mine. lol only thing holding my harnesses down on the injector is zip ties lol. But the meatle clip style didnt bother me to much, but do you have a link of the volvo ones?
  8. The Link is a set I found on Ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/...=item43a04f8954 I was wondering if you guys think this is a decent replacement for worn and broken connectors for the fuel injectors harnesses? Or do you think they are cheap? And if any of you all have better suggestions for replacements, im all ears
  9. yea sadly that far from me, i realy really dont want to see that crushed, =(
  10. Well if any one intrested, i took it to a shop when i was out one day, and they said, Its the wheel bearings on the driver side rear and both half shafts u joins are shot. lol oh joy. oh and not to mention, both rear cyl in the back was busted and one set of brake shoes was craked in half. Lol I honestly laughed, honestly idk how i was stoping lol. well time to start to order parts lol
  11. Ok I did that i jacked the car up, i spined it by hand and no sound, i put the par in gear and no sound but vibrated like the car was going to fall aprt, i see I need new struts in the back. But yes unless the car driving on the street, it hard to locate the sound. And it sound like the kinda sound a brake warning tab would make but kinda diffrent. I even went and pushed the the plate behind the drums back a bit and still a sound.
  12. so when doing the timing we set it to number 2 on the cam gear not number 1 notch?
  13. try driving with the termastat out and see if it keep over heating. try that first
  14. Ok I just started hearing a squealing sound coming from my rear driver side wheel on my 5 speed 280 7, I have the R200 Diff. Ive heard some ppl say it could be the hub, or a wheel bearing. But I wanted to ask you all opinion. The sound seems to be only when in motion, Any suggestions?
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