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  1. Zhunter

    Victory Red 240Z.

    Very nice! What brand of flares are you running?
  2. Holy cow what an amazing experience... Though driving my Z for 14 hours in one go is not the most ideal, come to find out. But driving around the track twice made it all WORTH IT.
  3. Any plan on attending? I will be road tripping my Z from Seattle come Thursday early a.m. Should be an amazing weekend!
  4. I am noticing that the centerbore of the wheels are approx. 6mm less in diameter than the mounting bore on the hub. The car has 240z-early 260z hubs. Any experience on the issue would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  5. I scored on a set of 4 of these puppies along with an intake for a 351w. There are zero markings or stamps on them. They could be some cheapo copies, but the machining seems much too nice for that to be the possibility. If any of you have info on these it'd be much appreciated!
  6. Zhunter

    Post pics of your z's here!!

    XXR 527's for now. 17x8.25 front, 9.75 rear. BC coilovers all around! They are WONDERFUL Thank you! That sounds great. These were taken just on the other side of the Colombia river in Vantage, WA.
  7. Zhunter

    Post pics of your z's here!!

    Here's a few beauties from late August! Thank god for talented friends and their camera!
  8. Zhunter

    seattlejester's 1971 240Z

    We gotta get a little Seattle area Z cruise together!
  9. Zhunter

    5.0 260z Startup

    Thanks! they are 17/45/245's in the rear! Yes! There are a few in "The Official White Z Thread"! Exhaust is 2.5" from the headers into a single 3" midway down the car. Only muffler is the Kooks glass pack on the end.
  10. Zhunter

    5.0 260z Startup

    Thought I'd finally share a video of my early 260z running. Engine is an 89 5.0 running on Megasquirt. Still needs enrichment tuning on startup to lessen the searching. Thanks! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yebUDTDliZc
  11. Zhunter

    The official White Z thread

    Thanks! 17x8.25/9.75 XXR 527's. Im cheating and using spacers. it sucks.. . Suspension is just chopped springs but the BC coils are on their way! Updates on that will be soon.
  12. Zhunter

    The official White Z thread

    Got some new snaps taken!
  13. Zhunter

    Post pics of your z's here!!

    They're just universal units from AP Racing!
  14. Zhunter

    Post pics of your z's here!!

    Finally got some pretty pictures taken.
  15. Zhunter

    The official White Z thread

    1974 260z. Went from primer black to this in two months time.