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  1. Ive got a 82 s130 na and plan to boost it soon. Ive got a L28et with p90 head that needs to be rebuilt, but id like to put all the turbo parts on the NA motor for now. my question is would that setup make more power per cfm because of the higher compression? what turbo would be a decent candidate to use with the factory ecu and afm? and how boost/power/cfm's could I use safely with this setup?
  2. nice progress. one question though, why would you put the boost/ vacuum gauge where its hardly visible? also, sell the grids and find some lower offset wheels.
  3. i was thinking about recessing the lights, but i dont know if i wanna go that custom with it. next will be a front air dam and wider wheels ...And this is what it looked like when i bought it about 3 weeks ago
  4. just finished the paint and bodywork on mine.
  5. ill be using a z32TT viscous lsd diff. i was wondering wich driveshaft that you used? or is it custom?
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