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  1. This is what I just learned at my age. I have always cleaned everything that I was going to paint with lacquer thinner and most time had lifting, wrinkles, etc no matter how I prepped the item. At this late date, I have just learned that doing this is a great thing to do for cleaning; but, bleieve it or not, lacquer thinner leaves it's own residue. AFTER cleaning with laquer thinner, you MUST use what most paint shops call "prepaint" (many different brands) and wipe everything down with it. It is a solution that cleans off the lacquer thinner residue and anything else. You would not believe the difference. An idiot can get good jobs using this stuff and it is cheap.

  2. Jesus, I am an ex Mensa (have they no shame) and 4-h club invitee and Veritech constantly kicks my butt even with silly little cartoon characters. The man has detail!


    p.s. I like Pepe because he is a horndog that won't quit trying. Take me to the Casbah!!


    Oh, sorry; that's a song now.


    Zlalomz, where have you been? I want all your cars.

  3. Wrote the book, still not finished.


    Don't lose your driver's license; most of it doesn't work as good with the woman in the driver's seat.


    Watch out for people and their damn cell phones.

  4. Congratulations. nothing like it or ever will be.


    I can make a lot of things,


    My wife can go into another room and come back with another live person she made.


    I really can't match that.


    Good luck to all of you.

  5. The sole purpose of putting someone else down (especially for something they cannot change) is to separate yourself from them and stand as their superior.


    In other words, to make yourself feel good about yourself at their expense. It just doesn't really work, of course, which is the problem and why it is always done by people with low self esteem, or just plain mean.

  6. The dealer is responsible for everything as long as they defied his order not to drive it. Permission to drive it has to be in writting on the repair order. I would let the insurance company lawyers go after them. If he doesn't get a new car, he would only have to wait for the check for lost value, as well as, deductible and/or out of pocket expenses. With Car Fax available to all buyers now listing the accident; it would definitely lower the value drastically.

  7. (walnut and an orange) That is just a old saying meaning that I did not get $sh**.


    I sold the signature Z in the late seventies to a lawyer from Daytona Beach.


    A year later a guy from out of state came by my house that had bought it from the lawyer for his scholarship wrestling son that was about to graduate from Vanderbuilt or somewhere. He wanted to know what the tilt column came out of, so he could do some turn signal wiring. It was an Olds Cutlass column with Mustang II power steering and Nardi wheel.


    Never seen or heard of it since.

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