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  1. Since I have seen soldiers from Irag post here; my family and I want to wish every American in Iraq a happy Thanksgiving and a safe tour. We think about all the wonderful sons, daddys, husbands that are over there in that God forsaken place every day and all the people that miss them here at home. We want all of you to get back home as soon as possible.

  2. Is anyone going to be at the Turkey Rod Run mega car show inside the Daytona Speedway this weekend with a v8 hybrid z? We go every year and I would sure like to "stumble" across one. Maybe I could change someone's thinking a little easier, or better yet, as I drool; decide to make one for myself.

  3. I've bought a bunch of the custom factory matched carpets over the years from the most famous suppliers. They were all supposed to be custom fitted to the application and be an improvement over the stock fit. Although most of them were installed by a pro installers; none of them even layed down properly, which was most evident in the small cars where the fit is a little more difficult. For about a 30% increase in price you can get an interior guy to make you a real custom carpet application with better material and it will be a great improvement as you can cover what you desire.


    In addition, I have tried what is called pipping (I think), which is a different color triming the seams of the seats where it is sewn together. This seems like it would look good when you think about it; but it always appears to look 'overdone" and is not subtle and stylish at all, unless you also like spray can chrome; especially if it is a third color. You might want to consider one color for your interior (like the nice hot rods) but with very high quality material with your own logo or something sewn in. All the expensive (and cheap) cars go with this look nowdays because it looks so rich.


    If you go with a light color, make sure the dash is a dark color on the top at least; otherwise you will not be able to see anything through the windshield except the reflection of the light colored dash top itself.


    Just my two cents.

  4. Just a tip.


    This happened to me and I caught it immediately.


    When you get an ebay email stating that you have suddenly been awarded a "silver powerseller membership" or something of that nature; it is not ebay. Somehow, someone is getting into the email accounts that are connected to your ebay account and are sending fake notifications from ebay. The pages look PERFECT, but they are not real. I caught them and ebay is supposedly sending them to the proper authorities, whomever that is. However, I am still getting the same "notification" asking to VERIFY my personal account info to finalize my new "Power sellers" status on the old email account I don't use anymore.




    Then immediately change your ebay email account, password, paypal password, etc.

  5. I hope "ALL" of us here realize how valuable all of this "filtered with experience" information is that Grumpyvette is so willing to share with us. Alone, some of us could throw thousands and thousands of dollars at each engine situation and still come up with nothing really productive. I am a GM of a Mercedes, BMW shop and can't get two mechanics to agree on how to change spark plugs, much less create reliable, cheap, horsepower from scratch..

  6. SEM is a paint manufacturer that specializes in vinyl/leather/plastic (mostly interior stuff) paint in spray cans. Used properly (clean, clean, clean) you can do a very good job with it. You can find it in most auto body paint stores, and now, I think, they have come out with some factory colors, instead of generic, although, the generic ones look good also. There is a thread here somewhere with all the directions.

  7. This guy Rob has more brains than the Harvard guys I've run into. Threw away all the corporate made junk that would not work, created his own tool that suited his own needs, made $5000 off of it so far before patent. Not too bad. Could have worked for Hughes Tool in the old days and become a millionaire like Howard did.

  8. I had that scoop on my old Z originally, (you can see the front left tip of it in the picture). I disliked it so much, I traded that hood for a stock hood and had to repaint it. In person it just looks so "glued on" and out of place. It doesn't flow at all, and IMHO doesn't even look right on a race car.

  9. Every item that is designed to be outside has to be engineered with a way for the water to "roll" off and down from the top. If you go on top of your house and make a depression that does not leak but lets water puddle up; believe me, it will leak sooner or later. I have had brand new special ordered cars that had factory sunroofs that leaked the first week and could never be repaired. The little word "leak" even sounds like it is not a big deal. Believe me, when a sunroof leaks all over your car and cannot be fixed, it is a very big deal. Unless, of course, you just drive this car as a hobby on sunny days. I am driving an STS I got for a steal and I am just waiting for the damn sunroof to start leaking, and off it goes to another sucker.

  10. I am not a lawyer but common sense (don't ask my wife) tells me that the laws everywhere now basically forbid you shooting someone in the back and killing him after you chased him back to the road or wherever (you are safe at this point) over the theft of a tape deck or something; but they let you use unlimited force to protect your person if they are coming AT YOU. Obviously, if they are in your house or garage, etc. in the middle of the night and they have a knife (somehow), or a gun (somehow), you can do anything you want. Might be better if they are shot in the front of their body rather than in the back, unless, of course, you were sleepy, it was dark, and you were SCARED because you saw the knife, etc. in their hands.

    It is best if they fall inside, have a weapon, etc. if you get my drift.

    Maybe I should be a cop.


    They didn't just steal the Turbos, they stole the entire effort of finding them, the luck of making the great deal, and the future use on a very nice personal vehicle. New ones can't replace that.


    The real bad news is now you are going to have to deal with an insurance agency. I would rather let my wife spend the weekend with the Philadelphia 76ers as a playtoy than go through that. You think you've been robbed now, just wait.


    I just had to edit this because, somehow I missed Mikekelly's post and just saw it. He is completely right, and it does take some nads (love the IRISH) to ensure you and your stuff is protected. I tell my son, if you are in a street fight; don't jump up and down looking around for A referee to enforce the rules for you. This is not a sporting competition, JUST WIN AND WIN BIG ENOUGH HE WON'T COME BACK!, and yes, you can get hurt, but what else can you do; run and hide, no thanks.


    By the way, Mike was with me that one night in question. We were working on his car. Also, he never wears black, doesn't feel that he looks good in that color. I have further details if need be.

  11. DAW, I know where you are coming from somewhat, but the biggest insult to engineers could be, in my opinion, ripping out a perfectly engineered (in their eyes) engine, fuel injection, computer, etc from a classic car and stuff all kinds of motors, transmissions, mounts, driveshafts, turbos, etc. in it, no matter how improved. I guess you have to insult some of the old engineers to get to the point to really respect the later ones. At any rate, I love all kinds of custom, away from corp restrictions, type of cars from hot rods (hybrid Zs) to limos. I am also trying to teach my son to be independent and respectful of his money. In other words, just because you earn a million; it doesn't necessarily mean you have to spend a huge amount on a car just because you can. Beating the system is as much fun as having a huge amount of highly engineered pricey stuff that might be unnecessary to accomplish your goal. This is what started this type of hobby, I think. I've done it both ways. By the way, I am 58, if I am not the oldest old has-been on here; I am probably a lot closer that I want to be.

  12. He is right, the T stands for touring. I own a 91 Q45 (for sale cheap). There is a guy on this website that knows all about them. Just do a search and you will find out from him that the engine and everything is basically a race motor situation with 315 hp stock, not 298 as the factory says. Just bolt on a turbo or supercharger and you can be looking at 600hp. Keep your Z all Nissan; buy my car and use everything in it before some old lady gets it. I am going to do a Chevy Z.8)

  13. It seems each application has it's good points. I also own a 1991 Q45 (for sale) which is probably the best engine you can get except for one thing. Money. I thought of using the rear end, motor, trans, console, etc for my Z to keep it all Nissan. There is one on this site that has twin turbos on it. Mine stock is supposed to have a real 315 hp, 300 ft.lbs. All alum, forged this and forged that, six bolt mains (not 4), DOHC V8. Some racers merely bolt on a supercharger or turbos etc and get 600 hp without going inside the engine and the rest of all the parts can handle it. Here is the problem. With the computer tuning requirements, sensors, plumbing, harnesses, injectors, etc. the thing could cost a fortune to enjoy and you could eventually be at the mercy of parts suppliers or worse yet, the dealers (I run a Mercedes Repair shop). On the other hand, throw in a sbc or sbm with a carb and off you go. You can get a stock sbc rebuild kit on the internet somewhere for $154. I looooove the Q45 technology, but hate that it could own me and thus take the fun out of it.


    p.s. I went to the drags in Orlando once and these two kids had a completely gutted Omni Horizon GLS (2.2 4 Banger) with a monster (not the stock one) turbo on it and were beating EVERYBODY. Their hood scoop was a PVC periscope looking pipe. Cheap car, cheap parts, whatever works.

  14. If you are talking about that little vent circle; I think they are there to release air pressure when you close/slam the hatch. I think the older Zs had a rectangular vent on the bottom of the hatch themselves for the same purpose; then again, I usually don't know what the hell I am talking about. Just a guess.

  15. You are right about the mopars. I love the 318 which most people don't want cause it is so small, etc. I have an extended Dodge van with one; a Chrysler fifth avenue stretch limo (no, not that little factory piece of K car junk), and have had a few other ones. Just keep the valve stem seals new and the freeze plugs good and a use a simple carb and you are good to go.

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