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  1. This morning, I discovered all of my classified ads were deleted and

    this is what I have found since then:


    1) I am stupid because I did not read the classified ad rules that

    were very easy to find. This adjective of me is self imposed.


    2) I still don't know exactly who deleted them so I cannot easily

    contact them


    3) I still don't know exactly why they were deleted so I may make

    the proper correction; as the reasons (form letter) evidently could

    have been multiple


    4) Even though one of the reasons stated was for non payment of

    the ads (I did not know there was a charge) I have since found out

    there evidently is no charge, I guess?


    5) Evidently, if you make a donation, you don't have to wait

    fourteen days or to build up a reputation or something


    6) I have one green dot already which seems to mean I am

    somehow going in the right direction, but this somehow still

    did not keep my ads published


    7) You have to have a minimum number of posts but I don't

    know what that number is so I can wait until then


    8) I just bought one project car and three other Z cars and

    hundreds of brand new and used parts and having to list all

    of them would be a nightmare reserved for the ebay profit

    hunter types


    9) I wanted the Hybrid Z members to get first crack at all

    the parts so I don't have to work so hard listing all of them

    on ebay for top dollar


    I am perfectly willing to make a gold level donation if someone

    would tell me this is the real problem rather than the other

    ones listed


    I need help from the decision maker that deleted them mostly

    because there appears to be even more contradictions to

    some of the rules, ie. payment, listed price, etc. and I don't

    want to go through this again, of course


    I was happy that I could give the members some of the stuff

    they need before I am forced to make it a profit hunt because

    of the time required


    Whoever you are, please see that my attitude is in the right

    place, my ability to donate is available, and please help me

    accomplish this. I have many many parts and I have now read

    everything and searched everything and am a little more confused

    than ever.


    This is in no way a complaint, it is a plea


    Please read number one again.


    Many thanks, John

  2. It was the seventies. After pulling my car out of six paint shops, the car was finally painted correctly by a hobbiest (sp?) in his one car garage with a sheet thrown over the washer/dryer so his wife wouldn't get upset. He did the candy color stripes like a pro. If you look, closely you can see the stripes on the outside mirrors, as well as, the T shapped hood scoop and the front of the whale tail. We did not seem to have too many good painters here then or now like the guys out west do. I am considering using Dan in Arizona to do all of my bodywork/paint even though I am in Orlando. My only problem is that I am a bodyshop groupie and would miss "visiting" the car.

  3. The red front flares are exactly what I want. 12" wheels in the front and 14" in the rear. Don't worry about the shipping costs, my wife only has two jobs right now. Where did you find those four bolt 12" wheels? When I did my old Z there were only one set of 4 bolt wheels even 10" wide I could find. By the way, I am not going to do a gnose. Thanks


    I believe, in the old days, in Florida, Bob Lapp and I (I was a customer of his) got these as a kit (I think he had the gnose on his race car) from a now defunct company called: Z Accessory Products.

  4. Yes, you are so right; and now let's find the full front fiberglass flared fenders that came with these and the gnose as a kit. I've also learned that if you go to the home page, select Albums, select Member's Galleries, then go to the page where you find dmsv8 and click on that, you will see Dan's flares.


    By the way, Zlalomz, who has the set in your photos?

  5. Ok, I just talked to Dan today (dmsv8) and this is what he told me. He thinks the powdercoating guy is also named Dan and that he bought the big molds from Arizona Z but is located in Ohio. This Dan owns a body shop (which I knew) and lives in Phoenix. The confusion started by the same names and the fact that he has built and cleaned up molds for Arizona Z even though they were eventually sold elsewhere (Dan in Ohio). Because of this, he got a set of the flares and put them on his car and has the knowledge and facilities to create a mold of them and make duplicates for us if he eventually makes that decision based on the interest level here. He still says his target price, including shipping is $400 and wants me to continue to use that figure. We all know it could change when he actually begins the project, if he does, and we all also know that changes in price usually go higher, not lower. 280zone is an actual live friend of his in the same town so if anything he says goes against what I am saying in this forum; I would defer to him as he should have the lastest or most accurate information compared to mine. Dan said he has already received emails and calls with interest; so keep it up and lets make it worthwhile for him if we can. Also he wants everyone to know that he has altered the outside edge of the wheel opening of the flares to accommodate huge (tall) tires because his car is tubbed, etc., and that a little fibergalss might have to be added to conform to your own wheels.

  6. Ok, lot of posts but now I have finally reached a result. Dan, the aforementioned guy above (powdercoating) will make as little as six sets of rear quarter panels (huge IMSA flares as seen in these pictures) for $400 per set INCLUDING SHIPPING IN THE CONTINENTAL US. This does not include the front fiberglass fenders as yet, only the rears. He owns a bodyshop and has made these before and actually has a set of them on his own car as well. He also has some front fiberglass flares he might mold onto a set of fiberglass fenders but we are just in the talking stage on that right now.


    If any of you want a set; please contact him at the email above and let him know.

  7. Just received an email from Dan (the powdercoating guy that owns what I think are the right molds from Arizona Z car) and he said he does not mind people contacting him at dmsv8@netzero.net He said he needs six orders to make it worthwhile to produce the flares. If you want these, please contact him and tell him your wishes. I just sent him a note asking about the front flared fenders (these have not been mentioned by him yet),as well as, the quality, and the price of the total package. I will keep you guys posted when I hear back. Otherwise, contact him yourself as well.

  8. Late last year while perusing the web for Z info I located Arizona Z car. I talked to Dave and he emailed me pictures of what I think were the exact same flares and fenders I was looking for and said he could make me a set. I think he had a Gnose also. Since then, this week, I found out from 280zone that Dave at Arizona Z had sold his molds to Dan who owns a powdercoating business. I called him and he told me he purchased over 100 molds from Dave at Arizona Z and had them in storage. He also told me that when the weather gets better, he is going to look at all of them and see which ones to keep. Someone else told me, I can't remember who, that they thought the molds for these flares (that Arizona Z had) were of low quality. Dan (powdercoating guy) told me that if that is the case, he would probably improve them and make some sets to sell. It is my feeling that there seems to be a lot of interest in these flares so maybe we could all get together and make it worth Dan's effort to produce us some. He seemed like a great guy. By the way, that purple Z is exactly what I want to build, less the Gnose to make it shorter, stumpier, and more aggressive.

  9. To John Washington: From the posts here; I am, of course, assuming you produce fiberglass body parts. Do you know where I can find the IMSA flare kit in my picture here of an old Z I had years and years ago. thanks, John

  10. It seems everyone has these flares but me. Zlalomz, how much would you charge me for copies of the cd's with pictures you were speaking of. Also, if you don't mind, where is Craigslist?


    El240z, you have the type car I am looking for. Everything there but, because it is not finished yet, it is available to be customized to my own taste. If you see another one around in this condition, please let me know. In addition, if you want to sell yours, I might be interested in the car, and would sell the wheels to Zlalomz and the Gnose to someone else; or you could do the same beforehand.


    To everyone else, I will not be using a gnose and the front flares that go with the IMSA kit I am looking for are really full fiberglass "flared" bolt on fenders.


    Many thanks

  11. Hey el240z, I would love to see a picture of your car. It sure looks like you knew what you were doing with wheels more than I did. By the way, everyone, the set of flares that I thought I had found were not the right ones. I am still looking if you see any. thanks,

  12. I would, of course, never hope for this, but would it not be unbelieveable if my old car (25 or thirty years ago) was still around somewhere. The last owner I know about would be about 65 now and bought it as a present for his son who was graduating from Auburn university via a wrestling scholarship. The Bob Lapp connection happened quickly; maybe the car is still around !!!

  13. Well, that was very productive. What a website. Looks like I have already identified them, found at least one set for sale, located who has the current molds, and some great pictures of them. Believe it or not, the Z I built before (actually about 30 years ago) was stock (other than Mustang II rack and pinion power steering, Nissan SX power outside mirrors, Olds Cutlass tilt column, and Racing gas filler flip cap) as I was not into really technical autos then. Larry Cole now has a picture of it he will be trying to post here for me somewhere. I used wheel adapters (1 ") (yuck) and 10" wheels in the back with 8" in the front. You will be able to see in the picture that I had a good two inches of space left for wider wheels in each flare which annoyed me terribly. Flares should be filled up. What I want to build now is similar to the gray one posted here in these pictures. One that looks "all business". Might be able to use 13" or 14" in the back with the right hubs and 12" in the front.


    At the risk of losing your respect immediately I will offer this story. I remember going to the Paul Revere 250 overnight race in Daytona a hundred years ago (that is the race that was the night before what used to be called the "Firecracker 400") which is now the Pepsi 400, I think.) At any rate, I pulled the car through the tunnel going to the infield (I had a friend (Bob Lapp) racing a Z in the night race and therefore had a pit pass) and came upon what seemed like hundreds of Z cars. Turns out it was the national Z club annual meeting or something. A few of the guys that seemed to be in charge ran up asked me to lead the parade lap before the night (IMSA) race (because mine was the most outrageous looking)..I turned them down and have regretted it ever since. I was afraid that being stock (and pretty tired), it would not be able to handle the banking on the curves etc. Sorry guys, next time I will be the first on the track. My son, still cannot believe I did not do it.

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