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  1. As far as the original thread subject goes; I have only seen "care, custody and control" usually exclude coverage if the car is somewhere up-for-sale like at the supermarket parking lot or on a car sales consignment lot which in their opinion opens them up to higher risk of theft/damage, etc.


    DO NOT expect a repair shop's insurance coverage to cover your vehicle as they are liable only for negligence such as if they parked your car next to an open flame and a 5 gal can of gas and it burned up. HAS NEGLIGENCE EVER BEEN PROVEN IN COURT. I doubt it. If something happens out of their resonable control then they are not liable. If your car is stolen at a shop and the shop can show that the shop was locked, had outside lights, and the car was inside; they are not liable and this is when your own insurance takes over as it does at any other time as if it was in your own garage and someone broke in there.

  2. Mike is so very right.


    In my personal life and professional life, I've dealt with the smallest of claims and many other claims; one as high as $36 million and have won them all even though each and every one was a death battle. I have paid one company on time for 27 years and was then the only guy on a cu-de-sac to not get roof damage covered immediately that was caused by a very rare hail storm. My company was a different company than all the rest. The reason was that their corporate home office decided all the claims would cost too much with this big storm so they did not pay any of them. The only people that got paid were the ones that could sue them and they knew it. They paid me after a two month argument and promptly cancelled me.


    My sister in law used to be a hot sweet woman with an honest personality. She became a claims adjuster and now she is a fat, pissed off, divorced, man hater, that assumes everyone is a damn liar from the get go and she can't wait to kick them in the balls to get her tiny bonus. I have watched her lie to demolish somebody over a claim she could easily pay and then do high fives all around the room and brag she is the best when the claimants finally give up whether they were crying or not.


    My advice is play the game to break even. They have made liars out of all of us just to break even and maintain our own dignity by not being abused. In other words, if you are in a street fight; don't be bouncing around with your fists up looking for the referee. Anticipate, adapt, and win at all costs, just exactly like they do. Bite, kick, lie, protect your family and your assets. You have no choice against them and never will.


    I don't even have life insurance. I don't want my wife arguing after I am dead with some poor 24 year old brainwashed guy that used to be nice that thinks he is doing the right thing when he won't give her money for food. I've handled it another way.


    I respect the Mafia more, and the ones that don't haven't had enough claims yet either in business or personal.



    We have all been late with a payment once in a while and the companies do not worry about it because you have a well documented "grace" period where your coverage does not lapse if you are a little late on your payment. They will tell you to your face that there will be no lapse. If you call them they will tell you over and over and over that you have coverage if you get the payment in late but it has to be within the "grace" period. YOU HAVE NO COVERAGE. YOUR COVERAGE STOPS ON THE EARLIER DATE PERIOD!!!. The "grace" period only means they will not cancel you for future coverage if you get the payment in during that period. IF YOU HAVE A CLAIM WITHIN THIS GRACE PERIOD, YOU ARE NOT COVERED AT ALL. You could just as easily go get insurance somewhere else. I mean what could be better for them than you giving them more money for no exposure on their part for that little time period. Their grace period is just their way of keeping you as a future continuing customer by letting you continue the policy (actually quickly re-upping the policy) and they just make you think there is no interruption in coverage. THIS IS NOT TRUE !! There is interruption in coverage but not premium. The salesmen I have talked to usually don't believe this. Have a claim and see what happens. Read your policy. They will keep you only if there is no claim leading to expense for them. They are trained not to tell you this. I have received this same info from every insurance company I researched so far. Ask your lawyer.


    One day I might tell you about "mysterious disappearance" homeowners insurance that sounds wonderfull. What a rip off.


    Claims are set up to be a death battle instead of "good hands" and "neighbors".

  3. Unless I did not understand this thread, the guys all agreed it was your brake light switch. It should be under the brake pedal swing arm or thereabouts so that when the brake pedal is depressed; the swing arm depresses an plunger into a hole in the switch itself and that connection powers up your brake light wires/lights and your brake light bulbs come on. It sounds, from your description that the plunger in your brake light switch is missing and you just need a new plastic switch which includes the plunger as part of it and it costs about $20 or so. This would explain the left and right brake light intermittent operation also.

  4. Some of the best "sprayers" are the guys in the low cost corporate shops. They are spraying constantly all the time and will get fired in a second if they mess up. If you are furnishing all the actual work, good paint, etc. then you are just asking for a guy to spray the paint on for you in his booth. All of these painters can paint on their own time on the weekends, when the paint booth is not in use. Talk to the Manager only and tip him $50 and pay the sprayer $150. DO ALL OF YOUR OWN TAPING WITH THE BLUE TAPE OR WHATEVER RACERX SAYS. At least in Orlando this has worked for me very well for years. The paint stays on the car, there is not overspray on every damn piece of weatherstripping and piece of chrome, and the paint flows out better than I could do it. Be prepared to be available to help at the end of the days they spray on it to slip it in and out of the spray line at their command. This also helps you keep an eye on it. The actual spraying and flowing mixing, etc. takes a lot of experience and these cheap paint shop guys have a lot of it. The body work, prep work like taping, and cheap paint, is where all the cost cutting is for the corporation. If they screw up, it is your problem.

    Tell them you will sign a wavier on the guarantee.



  5. For years, on the same display corner inside the Turkey Rod Run car show inside the Daytona speedway on Thanksgiving weekends; a guy had a 1929 rat rod looking black primered twin chevy roadster hot rod. One engine was behind the other and then just two little seats. Looked like a death trap, but very interesting. Plain and cheap looking otherwise. He was not there this year. I hope he is okay.

  6. Each year my family and I attend the Daytona "Turkey Rod Run" Car Show spectacular inside the speedway at Daytona. I, of course, am always looking for a V8 Z car. So I walked for five hours and did not even see a stock Z. Then in the horrendous traffic jam at the gates upon exiting, lo and behold, a stock looking medium metallic blue Z car with mustang type wide white stripes was being trailered out about six car lengths ahead of me but had just arrived at the gate and took off. The tag was a Florida tag that said: V8Zcar or something to that effect. Do any of you guys know who this is? I would like to see the set up of his car. He, of course, should be in Fl somewhere. I am in Orlando but go to a lot of shows.

  7. I've had two septum surgeries. That explains how stupid I am. I actually went back a second time. I would rather take a bat to the face, because there is less damage. When my wife came in and saw my completely black face, head twice the size and eyes black and swollen shut, she fainted. I finally got up to go to the bathroom and fainted before I could get there. Got chewed out by the doctors. Then I went back for more. You can set it yourself, people do it all the time. Pull on it to straighten.

  8. My guess is that it steers with those two bars going through the cowl under the windshield and into the interior. Probably would have to be a pull action because they cannot move laterally. Might work like the old rope on your first wooden soap box car you made when you were 8 yrs old going down the big hill that every county has. Talk about scary speed with no swaybars, coilovers, etc!


    I can't imagine taking a turn in that thing a 35mph.

  9. Mario, when you say an entire dash from a 350Z, do you mean the factory guages also, or just the dash form with different guages. I would love to use the complete dash with the factory guages; I just don't know how to get them to work electronically. What about the computers, sensors, etc?

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