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  1. I have used RacerX's posts over the year as an example to my 18 year old son on how to learn to share a wealth of your own information when it is obvious that you know much much more than all the other people on a particular subject and exactly how to diseminate that info in such a way as it is very easy for them to absorb, as well as, making sure you don't talk down to them by accident, which makes them eager for more. All in the presentation, of course, and most people think they have this skill, but they don't and I don't. Some of you know I have tried very hard to teach my son the finer points of being a nice young man in this day and age and, you also know that he is doing quite well (Scholar athelete of Cen Fl, Full football and academic scholarships, Iron man award created in his honor, Beta club, funniest guy award, blah, blah, blah. etc), but he has no uncles, grandfathers, grandmothers, aunts, etc. and he can certainly still learn something from RacerX instead of his old man, and I make sure he is exposed to that opportunity.


    footnote: I was brought to the ground last friday night by what can only be described as total hell. I called for God to take me "right damn now". At any rate, I ended up at the ER and the doctors told me I had a very large kidney stone but when I saw what they were going to do to me and how they were going to get it out, I jumped up and left and am now still trying to "pass" it, even though the pretty nurse at the time, said out loud, "he wil never pass it through that thing". Just kidding. Gallons and gallons of water later and I am scared to death because I know it is going to strike again any second.


    God bless your father in the hospital RacerX and I really hope he is going to do very well. I know he sure likes you being there.

  2. Am I seeing a single windshield wiper in the rear middle of the hood on the red one. Does it come up with the hood, wiring, motor, arm and all? Is the front all tilt. Would Tammy Faye return my phone call, I am not sure Jim handled her correctly. Interesting.

  3. I feet I made a major mistake with my Porsche styled whaletail spoiler. Some guys used a simple 3" spoiler across the back like some other race cars had and the outragesness of the rest of the body lines flowed and stood out much better. Mine looked glued on and out of place. I mean the lines of the rear hatch/roof are part of what makes the Zs look great and I messed it up with my own ironing board.

  4. This poor guy has missed the point somehow. I think we all prefer a wooden "ironing board" spoiler to the one he has mounted on a perfectly good smooth body. Someone on this website has installed a very nice wooden one (nice three piece) on his Dodge Cornet (I think it is in photo albums). The only thing he did wrong was that he was not experienced enough to use "treated" wood so it would stand up to the elements. Oh well, live and learn.

  5. As far as real wide body flares check under my old thread for lots of details:


    Body Kits and Paint maybe on page 2 or 3




    As far as money goes you can pay $100 for a proper radio knob, etc. and get a car perfect and still have it picked apart by some yahoo that never had one and barely get your money back. Can you imagine the trick dash including new and improved guages with new wiring you could build for the $1500 you spent on the original. I say sell it and do a cutom. There are threads on here that have fabulous dash applications you could copy.


    I am sure you know this already, but If you do a custom, you have to remember one thing; less people in general will want to buy it in the end; but the ones that do want to buy it will want it terribly and will pay almost whatever you ask for it. However, you have to sell it to an outsider that doesn't feel he can build his own. If you go too far and have the best one (usually most expensive to build) around (see Eric Bernstein's ad in classified) it will be hard to sell because of the price level and will only sell to certain people and you have to have patience and go out and find them in the more exclusive magazines or sell it at a national car show/auction.


    For example, just compare the quality and cost of a new-old-stock factory stereo system with what you could put in today and carry this comparison throughout your decision.


    by the way. if you change to normal 5 lug wheels; huge wheels (wide) can be bought cheap as long as you like 15" or 16" diameter, it is when you get into the 17s, 18s, etc. that they get prohibitive. The ones in my picture below were Crager and I could have and should have gotten them 2" wider because they were available then, as well as, now. I just screwed up back then. Check the Hot Rod mags for suppliers.


    Good Luck, I am jealous

  6. Our shop just aquired a dealer's license so we are trying to figure out how Car Fax works in detail also. I am not sure, but I think the report will end up on CarFax but not as frame or unibody damage which should not hurt you at all. All of the states police departments feed info into their respective DMV's and then the DMV's feed CarFax and AutoCheck. However, there is one thing I am SURE of. Carfax and AutoCheck reports are not worth much because there are millions of accidents where the state police are not called. Some of these accidents are much more serious than yours but the people and the respective insurance companies do not want the police called for obvious reasons. This is especially true, of course, if you both pull out the same insurance carrier ID card at the site. Consequently, all of these accidents go unreported because the insurance agencies consider all of their information proprietary and don't share it with other agencies whether state or not and this includes their DMV's.. The only time you will hear about it is when they total your car when you have a minor accident and remind you that earlier, maybe before you owned it, it has been in a few accidents before; and therefore is not worth much and cheat you out of it's real value. What I am saying is that a clean CarFax or Autocheck report is no good because it does not contain the majority of the available information which is hidden and kept private by the insurance companies. I am sure we will here from some brainwashed claims adjuster here now trying to justify his "they are all liars and cheaters" well-earned paycheck.

  7. Levelhead86 Generally, most guitars are originally covered in laquer. If laquer is totally cured (old helps) you can put enamel over it somewhat; but you can never put laquer over enamel, it will go right to the bottom. I am not really up to date on this, so they might have sealers out now that could solve this problem so I would check with racerx here or someone that really knows what they are talking about. Might be that the clear was laquer on top of your new enamel you had just put on that beforehand did not itself react to the original laquer under it.

  8. I am not skilled at body work as there seems to be some talent to it that certain people, such as me, can't learn; but I have finished up some cheaper cars by doing the body work the best I can, then sanding them and taping them off perfectly, etc. and then sending them to EconoPaint or other Macco type companies to be sprayed. They are lousy on the time consuming stuff like body work and taping, but nobody holds the sprayer more hours per week than those guys do. Consequently, they know how to flow on paint as good as anybody and they have great booths, etc, so if you are willing to do all the hard work, it is sometimes worth it just to get them to spray the paint on. However, never have a laquer guy spray enamel on your car. Also, watch out for Macco's "bait and switch" program; it is hard to believe. One time I totally preped a car, taped it and just wanted them to spray it at their "special price" they were advertising on TV and they would not do it even if I signed a "wavier" for the guarantee I did not want. Appears that they only wanted to double the price on every car drawn in by the ad regardless of what the ad said or what the car needed. Went to EconoPaint and was very happy with the price and the results..

  9. Maybe we all should remember that shine quality is developed by microscopic leveling of any surface whether it be metal parts being polished by a machine or a paint job, etc. This microscopic leveling causes the reflective qualities. Obviously the more you can level initially (rolling, etc.) or in the earlier stages, the less work you have to do later at the very (shiny) end. However, the point is; the finer you sand the final surface, the more shine you have. Automotive paint products are trying to do this and still enable the paint shop owner to make a profit by trying to eliminate a lot of the finish work, hence the single stage trying to be glossy just with spraying. Spraying clear on a paint finish makes it shiny also and again helps you avoid a lot of finish work, but nothing BEATS finishing it out to your own level of glossiness which is theoritically endless. I guess the NASA guys could really polish something that would blind you. Alas, the more you do, the better it is, as long as you don't polish through the medium itself. You could do it to a rock. They call it jewelry. This mopar guy is fabulous, and if he wanted too; he could probably make a show quality job out of polishing cowsh t on a car if he could make it stick to the car. He said he has more time than money, which is a problem most of us share. This is also the exact opposite of the problems an automotive paint shop owner has as far as profitability in concerned. I guess, the reason this method might not become really popular is the limited amount of colors available. I am not sure I would want a specialty hybrid Z to be the same color as my grandmother's metal lawn furniture. However, I just bought a short school bus to convert to a weekender, and you can believe I will use this method to paint it.

  10. If Florida you need:


    Separate physical office for the auto dealer function, can't be at a home or

    inside another existing business. Needs separate entrance

    Lot of signage requirements

    Spaces to park cars for sale

    Surety bond for $25,000, $250 per year, or a letter of credit from a bank,

    Proof of Garage Liability Insurance, at certain levels

    Certificate of Auto dealer's instructional class attendance $300

    Perfect driving record

    Inspection of physical site (pretty lenient) by the DMV

    Letter from town zoning allowing car lot at physical site

    And a whole bunch of other little expensive stuff like Sparky said

  11. The old military guys won't believe it, but Guam now makes Hawaii look llke a slum. It is the Asian honeymoon hotspot. Check out the Las Vegas type dinner theater with the tigers and the dancers you will never forget. Also go to the hotel where the ocean flows through the lobby and you can swim up to drink at the bar and swim with the fish, etc.

    By the way, you don't need a car there it's only 22 miles long and there is other transportation. You can't get parts anyway except airmail for weeks at a time. Watch out for the brown snakes, there are everywhere!!! There is a Z guy there I think.

  12. In Florida, I have a dealer's license. Somewhat hard to get, but you need it to go to any regular automotive auction and make a purchase at wholesale except for the classic car auctions that are generated for the public. Even those auctions require you to pre-register for purchasing. Repo auctions are everywhere and require a dealer's license also, but the repo ones actually even charge the dealer to bid there or at least charge an annual fee so they are even worse for access. The government surplus auctions are generally open to the general public and are posted on the net that you can find with a search. These notices generally are posted very early to accomodate every one getting a fair chance. I just bought a fabulous mini bus on Ebay from the state of Georgia which was ten times better than I had hoped and drove it 8 hours home with absolutely no problems; Cold air front and back that I did not know about, etc. Huge amount of new expensive parts. etc. , for $1300. Good luck, cash is King.

  13. Type in unlimited hood scoops on your internet search engine and you will find many quality scoops that one supplier offers that feature different cowl heights and shapes which can then be adapted to fiberglass hoods if need be. Cheaper but high quality and many variations. Not the abs plastic stuff.

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