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  1. If anybody wants a Fairlady Z, there is one of Ebay right now, item number 290045342101 with three or four days left and the current bid is only at $500.


    No, it is not mine, just trying to help my friends here at hybridz.





  2. I have always hated convertibles because of my no a/c 1969 yellow 350/350hp corvette convertible in the old days. Muggy rainy Florida, no air, raining every day, leaking all over the place, fogged up windows, hot, hot, hot, can't see, therefore can't "punch it". Terrible.


    However, yours looks fantastic. Keep it in the garage and drive it on a 70 degree cool clear day. Enjoy it, I think you did a fantastic job and it looks great.

  3. I think the covers themselves really add a lot to the front of a Z. However, the many ways of fastening them are atrocious and take away from the look so much they end up overiding the improvement to an overal negative result. Not to mention, all the moisture that gets under them when you wash the car. etc. Soap that is not rinsed off does leave stains and shadows, etc. Very frustrating.

  4. Dunnie is right, I am manager of Mercedes, Bmw, etc. repair shop. Here is my humble two cents worth.


    1) Very small amounts of white smoke in the moring in Fl is just

    overnight condensation burning off, IF, AND ONLY IF, there

    never is any more smoke of any kind/color coming out after

    it warms up and the water/condensation that forms in the

    exhaust pipes overnight are gone. No job.


    2) Bluish smoke is always oil being burned. If it is just when you

    start it up in the morning and goes away when warmed up and

    running; it is the valve seals that have hardened and are

    letting small amounts of oil drip down into the cylinders while it is

    parked. This will eventually get worse and worse. Easy job on most cars.


    3) White smoke that seems to come and go is symptom of head

    gasket failure and wll definitely get worse. If you have a minor

    leak/crack that expands as the engine warms up, as well as,

    when you accelerate; the power and heat from the cylinder is

    pushed into the coolant areas. Oil does not actually need to be

    present in the coolant system because it depends on where the

    head gasket is leaking for this oil to travel across.


    Cadillac Northstars are known for this and can go for months until

    they finally overheat enough to ruin the motor. Mid-ninety's Saturns

    actually have a new head availabe now to replace the factory ones

    that were defective.


    4) Black smoke is almost always too much fuel.


    I think you have a very small head gasket crack in an area that

    doesn't cross the oil system, yet expands and lets the heat and

    pressure from the pumping piston into the coolant system.


    Try this; let your car heat up, then race the motor for a while and

    CAREFULLY, VERY CAREFULLY see if the radiator hose becomes

    very hard or even tries to form a huge bubble.


    This is very dangerous, you don't want to get scalded. SO BE VERY CAREFUL.

  5. I learned to never store paint and thinner overhead. More than once, there was a little residue on top of the can and spilled onto my face when I tipped it a little to bring it down off of the shelf. I am blind in one eye already. How stupid can I get.

  6. There is a fine local Z club here in Orlando. Just call Tony Roma's restaurant near 434 and Maitland I/4 interchange (Altamonte Springs) and they will tell you when they meet. I think it is the second Tuesday of each month. Be prepared to have your own dinner and tab. Lot of nice guys, engineer types, young man and wife team that are both certified Nissan Master Techs that compete with each other with twin turbo Z's, etc., Racer's, Father and son teams, etc. A couple of them are members here, I just forgot their usernames.

  7. I run a Mercedes, Bmw, Audi repair shop in my retirement. I highly recomend Larry Gregg at (407) 830-7916 here in the middle of the Longwood area of Orlando. We really don't know each other that well but he has done work for me and I am very particular with my customers that I send out. He does the Mercedes, etc. level of work and has a very nice shop, paint booth, frame strightening machine, etc. and his prices are very very competitive. Tell him John from Autobahn sent you and that will explain the level of quality you expect, as well as, the price control you would want from an "inside" recomendation. For 12K, you can expect a case of crown royal and a stripper...............hmmmm, let's see........................twins.

  8. Justin I am with you on the front. I always thought the Gnose looked like a plattypus. Or is that my wife; sometimes I get confused.


    This is a squared off flared look supposedly sold by SHOWCARS BODYPARTS (Beware !!!)


    The last picture is off of Zlalomz's website and might be the same flares installed, I am not sure. Sure does look like my wife's 1995 Geo Tracker fenders added on.

    Rear wide flare - 2_thumb.JPG

    Rear wide flare - 1_thumb.JPG

    Front wide flare_thumb.JPG

    Squared Off Flares_thumb.jpg

  9. I've bought many fiberglass parts in my life for many cars and have never been happy with any of them other than a few air dams. All of the bigger pieces have to be sprayed with sandable primer and bocked out over and over and over for a true factory appearance (see RacerX for real info). The fitament on the kit (edges) I had was great but I still had to add the wheel wells and blocking out because the parts were made off of a mold that was made from a Z with steel custom flares for racing.

  10. I would be the test guy immediately if I hadn't just sold my perfect project car before this kit surfaced. Right now I am in the middle of a four month move that includes some construction and delays etc. However, I am definitely in and will not mind being the first guy to buy a kit should that happen. I just have to find a car and make sure the space is available. I am in, one way or another.


    Check this kit out at ZLALOMZ's new website at:



    Your can certainly see the width of the kit in those pictures. Give it a few seconds to load as there are some great pictures at the bottom also.


    By the way, if you leave OFF the Gnose, the car looks monstrously wider and much more menacing. If you fill some of the big grille area up with oil coolers, driving lights, (like the blue and white one on the bottom of zlalomz's website) etc. it really looks like it means business, much like the old real Cobras (not Mustang). If you go with the Gnose, it looks much much longer and more flowing, but I like the shorter nasty look, especially with a old fashioned radically cammed V8 and flowmasters.

  11. These are the old pictures he sent me. You can now see how outrageously racecar wide his/this kit is. The ragged wheel well in the third picture is a result of racing and not of molding. My kit came with a lip on the outside circumference of the wheel well opening and looked very finished.


    By the way, I still do not know exactly how to post pictures like you guys do here. I have just now figured out how to do these stupid thumbnails. If you click on them, I guess they get bigger.

    Rear - red & white_thumb.jpg

    Rear - white on trailer_thumb.JPG

    Left rear_thumb.JPG

    Front left_thumb.JPG

    Front right_thumb.JPG

  12. I have now changed my mind; I now, don't think Bob's kit is the same kit I had in the old days that the guy in the other thread (IMSA BODY KIT - 5 PIECES) is now offering. The pictures the guy sent to my email shows it to be much much wider and now I remember the dead on rear look better.


    However, there is no way any kit is going to look better than Bob's. What a beautiful car. I would be afraid to drive it, just as I was mine after the Candy Paint painter moved away.


    If someone can teach me how, I will post those pics he sent me here. I don't mean the ones he has on the thread. These are other ones that show the width more readily, even though the pictures themselves aren't very good.

  13. Clifton, can you tell me exactly how you put the picture in your note here. I tried to do my son's 91Q45 and only got the tiny one you see. What am I doing wrong? This has frustrated me for two years. Someone else did the one of my old Zcar for me. I want to learn how to do it myself.

  14. Hi, welcome; and I have some advice,


    You seem like a very likable young man.


    Search here for a member named mtcookson, he is the expert on this swap.

    Use the search function daily for your answers as this site is different than other sites and there really are most of the answers available for you.

    Maybe listen to your Dad, he seems like a very smart guy.


    It will take three to fours times your budget with no changes in your plans.

    It will take four or five times as long with no changes in your plans.

    It will take ten times longer if you have a girlfriend.

    You will probably lose your girlfriend over it in the end.


    Good luck with it, my son has a custom 91 Q45. Sometimes it is easier to change a car a little rather than build one from scratch. He has now removed the ugly mudflaps and replaced the wheel well moldings which are painted to match. These thumbnail pictures are horrible they make all the color separation and body lines look jagged. The big pictures show the perfect line separation. Not bad for an 18 year old with no money and his first paint/car job.

    Infiniti left front angle_thumb.jpg

    Infiniti left rear angle thumbnail_thumb.jpg

    Infiniti interior thumbnail_thumb.jpg

    Infiniti left front wheel thumbnail_thumb.jpg

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