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  1. Pete Just make sure you don't give my top section away from the busted up panels I gave to you. And I can just pick up from you instead of shipping. Keith P. (aka k.pacoma@gmail.com / Projekt sixSTAR)
  2. Pete Looks dope. Can't wait to put these on. Keith
  3. Is it too late to get in on this? I'm interested in the one's with the speaker pod. LMK.
  4. +1 on Pat's oil pans Great craftsmanship. Reasonable cost. Good turn around time. Excellent customer service (Pat emails you of your pan in progress). Keith
  5. is coming along slow and steady

  6. http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/pts/1579443435.html Mazworx SR to VG Transmission Adapter Plate & Accessories w/ Z32 Tranny. $600 http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/pts/1579474883.html Vildini Motorsports SR Crossmember $300
  7. I'm in need of an RB20DET or RB25 S1 J60 MAF (green sticker) with pigtail. If you got one, let me know. I can pay thru PayPal. Name your price. Thanks Keith
  8. pm me you email and i will send you the pdf.
  9. i think that's normal because some of my rocker arms look like that when i took apart my sr.
  10. its not the bellhousing that we are swapping. we are actually using the z32 tranny due to its ability to take abuse. the bellhousing from the z32 is sent to mazworks to be machined to fit the sr. mine is completed i just haven't finished swapping in my sr.
  11. also could be from 88-91 crx si or 88-91 honda civic si (EF)
  12. i have it, but i haven't installed the tranny on the engine. i'm still in the process of putting the engine back together. it's pretty good quality + you get a short shifter out of it. but when i ordered it, i got it back within 4-5 weeks. i keep you updated though.
  13. those celica's are from sac. the owner of the red one does different swaps. he used to own a celica with an sr20. my little brother is on the classic-celica forum. he has a 74 gt, it's in the garage awaiting to be restored.
  14. i used to be with the suby community and what people used to do with the wrx's and rs's to convert to rwd (mainly for drifting) was to weld up the center diff and then plug up the front cv's. there was also a japanese company that made a kit to do it but i can't remember who they were exactly. just search the suby forums (i-club.com, nasioc.com, or rs25.com).
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