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  1. Was intended for a Z20 Soarer but the car sold before these could be fitted... Each wheel only weighs around 5kg
  2. 5×114.3 SSR Longchamp XR4s. 15× 9 -28/ 15×10.5 -34. Now for sale on ebay
  3. Yea, the widened R-types look great. If R-types could have been converted to 17s, I would have chosen those but the face is too small. RS-8s are two piece construction so you can see the bolts that fasten the face to the barrel. F8s are one piece wheels RS-8 F8
  4. That looks quite similar to what I did with my F8s. I stepped mine up from 16s to 17s though.
  5. Hahaha, saw a gif of this and couldn't help but laugh. Pretty awesome.
  6. Looks really good. Well done.
  7. Ad said the frame was bent from the collision. Did the car have a clean title?
  8. Did you only get the cradle or did you get the driveshaft also?
  9. Thanks. I remember Vildini making kits but most of their websites and contact information are down now.
  10. The threads on this topic are quite old at this point but as of now, is McKinney Motorsport's kit the only kit available for swapping an SR20 into a Z?
  11. Highly anticipating a DIY JZ mount thread. Cool build!
  12. If it has 280 style rears then it likely is a 74 S31 chassis. 5500 for it is a STEAL if its a coupe. Also, titling it would not be an issue at all since the car is already in the states and over 25 years old.
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