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  1. A+ I just got my Megasquirt and harness installed. Great directions and super simple to get up and running. Hussein was also really great with support. I asked a bunch of questions and he responded real quick. This has been the best upgrade I've done to my ZXT. Also shout out to @Team Zleep for the real clean wiring install. Central Florida guys feel free to hit him up.
  2. Thanks JSM! Haha, I'm the guy that text you. My friend Ted is the guy picking them up (Team Zleep).
  3. Hi, I'm looking for a set of springs for my 1981 280zx Turbo. I would really prefer Tokico but would consider other brands. PM or email guku416 at yahoo. Thanks
  4. Into the EFI harness. There is only 1 plug that looks like that, and would be impossible to mistake.
  5. Z Guys, I'm looking for a drivers side window for a 1976 280z (not 2+2). I could also use a working window regulator without stripped splines where the window crank attaches. The window/regulator needs to come from a 76 280z Please shoot me an email at george.groth@yahoo.com if you have one available. I'm located In El Paso, TX. Thanks, George
  6. http://www.picturetrail.com/gallery/view?p=999&gid=1803105&uid=786489 Kammy's guide. If you cant get 'er done with this, you may need a new hobby.
  7. Any part of the intercooler piping would work. With the pipe between the throttle body and intercooler being the ideal spot...
  8. 1.) Use a sending unit from a non turbo 2.) The J-Pipe can be fitted with a BOV 3.) No, but cant hurt
  9. $275 is much more than I'm looking to spend (more around $100 for a pretty decent shape one).
  10. Like the title says, looking for a fuel injection Non-EGR intake manifold. I don't really care if it is webbed or not. Would be interested in aftermarket ones as well... Email is Guku416@yahoo.com
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