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  1. Derek, this is great news and hoping when you drain it is within the 1/4 range as you were hoping for.
  2. Always love to see your progress as well as all the rare parts you seem to find from all over.
  3. That would be beneficial for all....
  4. does this problem exist with both the individual fuel gauge as well as the small one combo-ed in with the tach? I haven't purchased a full set yet, but intend to.
  5. I'm digging your car and welcome to Hybridz...
  6. Pure Turbo Chargers in Oceanside CA are very helpful, informative and as well as carrying the main larger companies they build their own and balance them as well as sell rebuilt units.
  7. Hope you get it all sorted..
  8. Well done, now we need to see videos of it ripping!
  9. Hey Toolman, nice work with the reinforcing brackets. I have the Rocket bunny front bumper and will most likely end up doing something similar to your setup, but will have to adjust it to fit into the front of the Ztrix "Subtle Z" fiberglass kit. A suggestion of using surfboard blank foam which is more than readily available up country side in Haleiwa. It is very easily sanded and shaped. Great work and look forward to seeing more progress.
  10. Always one of my favorites Yasin. Please make some new videos of this car and the 951 as well.
  11. I may need to hit you up about the torque plate when the time comes to build my motor. Right now I am trying to finish the custom wide body work/stitch welding and wheel options before I turn attention back to the engine.
  12. First off Welcome to HybridZ and it's also nice to see another 2J build. I found a lot of useful info in this attached article as well as from this magazine Dsport Magazine on other 2J builds as well as talking with many of the supplier companies (Titan, MVP Motorsports, Power House Racing, Driftmotion, ETC..). I would suggest if you have not already heed the warnings and address the few problematic components of these engines (modified oil pump, billet timing belt tension-er, modified timing gear) for engine longevity. I think you are going a bit overkill with a girdle at those hp goals, but if you can afford it, it would be one step more towards bullet proof. Same could be said for the billet main caps which will require a pricey line bore, but a check will need to be done on the stock tolerances and again one step closer toward a bulletproof engine. I certainly won't dissuade you from taking every action or opportunity to build your engine to it's fullest potential for longevity again if you can afford to then by all means do so. I am going for low 600 crank on E-85 at high boost, but will also run flex fuel option and most of the time on a lower boost with premium (91) here in California. Definitely fortify your car to combat twist with the torque you will be producing. Definitely add to your build thread as you make progress and good luck with the build. https://dsportmag.com/the-tech/education/toyota-2jz-three-ways-circuit-drift-and-drag-part-1/
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