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  1. Oh how I love everything about this and I really like P cars as well. That engine sound is glorious!
  2. Looking forward to seeing this come together....
  3. Well it has been quite awhile since I last put any updates on the never ending "lifetime build" so now I finally have a few things to submit to this build thread. I had come to a crossroads as to which direction to take with the differential / axles, suspension and brakes. I had slowly acquired a few a la cart pieces of the Arizona Z car catalog, (Weld in camber plates, R200 rear brace kit with doglegs and rear mustache bar mount) over the course of this slow build and was not interested in the companion flange method so I sold some of the three different manufacturers of suspension components as well as my Wilwood brake set up that I bought from the old Vildini Motorsports shop car and opted to complete the rest of the Arizona Z Car "Track Pak", thus eliminating the companion flange method. Whether or not this holds up in the long run remains to be seen, but I will give it a good try. I may have my fabricator Tho build some custom triangulated and heim- ed rear lower control arms to use instead of the supplied AZC ones as he built some for his own Z that he unfortunately ended up selling. I also decided that the rear Ztrix Subtle Z quarter panels as well as the Volk TE37 V wheels at 10" wide rear with 275" tires will not cut it for the power of the engine and decided to go with the next size up "YZ" rear quarter panels. These quarter panels will accommodate a 12" wide rear wheel and 315"s so better chance to put power down. No sooner than I had finally gotten back in touch with Stewart the body/paint guy to ask of his available schedule he informed me he could build the rear YZ quarters out of metal for a little more than I paid for the fiberglass ones. I committed to this approach and we set out to get metal material right as Covid 19 lock downs were starting in Southern California. The "Emperor" Governor Gavin Newsome put a lock down on non essential businesses and the one metal supply store local to me Competitive Metals, that carried the requested 18 gauge cold rolled, deep drawn 4x10' sheet as well as round tube and flat stock to make the bucks for the sheet to form to was only doing business with certified essential companies. I had a local repair/tire shop pull a favor for me and order the needed supplies and got it over to Stewart to begin work on his spare time. Many months went by and he finally managed to get both bucks finished and today we went and test fit them to local friend and Hybrid Z member (Grnsky) stock bodied 260Z with an L29ET for visual reference. Stewart was awaiting some new dies for his English wheel that finally arrived and work will begin shortly on bending the sheet to match the bucks. The other part I had been awaiting to arrive from Japan was a new O S Giken 1.5 way LSD and gear oil which took 7.5 months to make it's journey. I took that over to Pro Gear and had them assess the overall condition of my R200 and apply all the components. While I was awaiting the LSD, I ended up cleaning, rust encapsulating and painting my diff body using EastWood products as well as having the finned cover vapor blasted to get it back to a like new condition. Next plans are to focus on finishing the rear quarters in metal and then sell my new Volk TE37 V wheels and have some new SSR Professor SP1R's made to fit properly without spacers. Time to start saving again.... Pics of everything mentioned below....
  4. Nice progress on the swap. Curious as to what company you went with for the trans/bellhousing adapter. I am aware of Maverick Motorsports, Collins Adapters and SerielNine, but have not chosen one for my swap as of yet.
  5. Your right about that as it was $107ish for two litres where I live...
  6. I just received an OS Giken 1.5 way unit two weeks ago which took 7.5 months to arrive (Covid 19?). Definitely not inexpensive, but very well made and quality .
  7. I like where your going with this. Interested in seeing this progress.
  8. Super clean engine. Looking Good and always great to see the youth getting hands on and quality time with the fam...
  9. http://www.arizonazcar.com/brakes.html https://technotoytuning.com/nissan/240z/r200sn-and-r230sn-mustache-bar-datsun-240z-260z-280z
  10. Pure Turbos in Oceanside CA. I believe Chris is who I inquired some info from. They have the ability to rebuild or custom build and most importantly can balance in house with VSR cartridge balancing system. They were very helpful when I was looking into a T3/T4 turbo rebuild on my old l28et but I never ended up having them do it though.
  11. Derek, this is great news and hoping when you drain it is within the 1/4 range as you were hoping for.
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