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  1. This is good news to hear as I have the same at up, but won't be able to install for awhile.
  2. I know that a certain someone (name not mentioned) who was involved with another fiberglass and carbon fiber operation prior to this company, used to build the parts in Ensenada, Baja California and communication was spotty at best. I do know from first hand experience that when I go down to my camper an hour or so south of Ensenada to camp and surf, the internet service is very fickle and many times running on 3G when you get it. I am not saying for certain this is the complete problem as it takes motivation as well to stay in touch. Again, just throwing out the situation from what I remember many years ago and the parts may very well not be made in Mexico now under this new company.
  3. I'll buy the gas tank filler tube from you.

  4. The Driveshaft Shop cv axle half shafts have been sold, mods please close.
  5. I just wanted to get back to you and give you a heads up that the 1st member in line bought them from me locally this evening. Mods please close this ad as they have been sold.
  6. I still have all the other random parts from that list. battery tray removed, blasted, epoxy primer Custom rear brake bracket that allows for Wilwood parking spot calipers. These were made for the Arizona Z Car Wilwood rear kit allowing a rear parking brake option. Custom gas tank trim ring which would allow you to cover a cut into the stock tank for fuel cell or pump purposes. New, unused upper gas fill tube from MSA New rear brake for stock drum style brakes
  7. I have one local member 1st in line and meeting tomorrow, so he will have first dibs, then you MFast, then Eddieh91. I will know tomorrow evening and update then.
  8. Sorry, but I'm keeping this a complete set.
  9. This fuel pressure regulator has been sold. Mods please close, thanks...
  10. I have a new Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator with a Marshall liquid pressure gauge and AN fittings. I bought this from the original owner who only used it for mock up purposes during his car build, but never ran. It has a nick or two on it, but shows very , very nice as seen in the pics, = $95 + shipping from 91941.... SOLD SOLD SOLD....
  11. I have a barely used, as in 4k mile by the original owners Vildini Motorsports on their silver shop 240Z set of Ground Control coilover conversion kit. After barley applying the Ground Control set up, they decided to go the 240SX suspension route and build their shop car more for drift purposes so I ended up buying their suspension and brakes from that car. I put this all into my parts storage for years as my car rebuild slowly moved along. I also have the Tokiko Illumina adj shocks (BZ 3099 & BZ 3016) , but one seal is going on one and they have all been indoors laying in a box for a very long time. The Hyperco coils are 225# and 250# and in great shape. Everything for $400 + shipping from 91941.... SOLD SOLD SOLD....
  12. The Modern Motorsports stub axles have been sold separate so the remaining Driveshaft Shop CV axle half shafts are still for sale = $ 500
  13. Much as BrandenZ mentioned I too can't directly speak for the Star Road fit and finish, but have also bought several times from Ztrix (subtleZ complete kit and rear YZ quarter panels), and have had nothing but excellent service and overall products.
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