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  1. Wow! going to be a screamer, can't wait to see it all complete!
  2. I enjoyed the video, but hated to see the carnage happen to the car.
  3. Just bumping this along with the two remaining, lowered priced items... Still for sale are : I have a custom rear bracket set for the Arizona Z Car Wilwood brakes that will allow Wilwood spot parking brakes (120-2374 & 120-2373) to be used. Only have the brackets and had them anodized red to match the rest of the Arizona Z Car parts. I have all the necessary info for completing this = $200 +.shipping... I also have my battery tray removed, blasted, and in epoxy primer with riv nut set up for easy install/ removal = $40 + shipping
  4. I can't help with a suggestion for body/paint place, but would love to see pics of your car. I also have the the subtle Z kit installed on my project car..
  5. Love seeing the progress pictures as it gives me motivation for my intended (yz) rear quarters swap from the current (subtle z) on it now. I had a little bit of work in the driver's side front fender, but nothing as in depth as you have had to deal with. Keep up the progress..
  6. Big congrats on the completion to driving state. I can only dream of what that great feeling must be like.
  7. This video really conveys the speed that is happening well. I love the fact that you get to see the peripheral vision from that camera angle and it really shows the speed off well.
  8. Holy Crap! that is good news as I acquired a long nose R200 and recently bought the AZC "track pac" to go with it. I am only planning on high 500 to low 600hp from a 2jz with high boost on E85 and most likely running at a lower boost more often. I was skeptical of this route, but wanted to eliminate the stub axles and get at the time available parts so I can resume the body work and wheel spacing. Your car is a Beast!!!
  9. I enjoy watching all the videos I can as it gives me enjoyment and motivation to keep on with my never ending project. Keep the videos coming....
  10. Looking forward to seeing the progress and more videos.
  11. That's great to see the old R200 holding up to those figures. Out of curiosity, what are your power/torque figures on your car?
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