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  1. I like where this seems to be going. Please keep us updated.
  2. You can take the coilovers to any local welder and have them put them together. Probably charge around $150-300. I'm local to you so you can PM me if you like a shop reference.
  3. Thanks. Most people think they are Work Equip E01's or E01 knockoff's but they are actually 14x8.5 -10 3pc SSR "SuperStars." These's wheels only came in 14's and were mostly used for racing since they weight less than 10lbs. Unfortunately they have been out of production about as long as I've been alive and are one of the rarest SSR wheels to find.
  4. Super X

    Miami '73 Z

    My 1973 918 Z built for HPDE and local track days.
  5. Derek, Awesome work so far on the head! I've just read through 7pg's and I want even more info, pictures, charts, drawings, just everything! This is a real game changer and again, I really have to commend you (and Tony D) on all you've done so far. +1 for Florida! Have you tried Kelford Cams out of NZ (www.kelford.co.nz, www.camshaftshop.com)? I'm not 100% sure that they produce their own blanks, but if they don't, sourcing billet blanks doesn't seem to be an issue. They CNC grind all camshafts in house and if you send them over a CAE of a cam/profile you've been dreaming of they will make it. They can building any cam you like.... I mean ANY.... Like a 16.25mm lift K series cam Also, I see that you are in Central Florida. Have you heard of Mazworx out in the Orlando area (www.mazworx.com)? If you get a chance, contact Mark there and fill him in on what you are doing and where your currently at as far as development. They are one of best machine shops around and are also a Kelford Cams dealer. They might be able to help streamline the development of your cams if you use Kelford or possibly could help with one of the stateside manufactures. Mark has been intricate in getting a lot of bespoke parts produced for Mazworx over the past few years, like 6061-T6 billet aluminum blocks for the Sr20 and 2JZ. Imagine a billet L6 block w/ this head (and RR's 3.5 crank)?? I really want to see you finish this head development and have a completed/fully assembled head out there to showcase. I think once you have a completed head and flow chart data to support it you will easily sell out a run of these. There are a lot of high rollers all around the world that either lurk forums or just aren't online. Once the proof is out the demand will rise. I'll put this out there.. If this head can produce 380+/-rwhp on a 3.0L-3.2L bottom end I AM 100% IN.
  6. 88dangerdan, No I need the exhaust cut out in the exact length shown in the 1st pic. Not sure if the later 280z's cut out are the same but I know that the 240 & 260z's are identical with the same stepped lip.
  7. 08/20/14.. BUMP! Still need very badly. Thanks!
  8. Looking for either a used Mallory 4563901 or E12-80 in good condition If you have either, shoot me a PM. Thanks,
  9. I need the following parts, new or used, for a triple PHH S5 carb setup. 3 Mikuni manifold throttle push rods 3 banjo bolts (w/ washers) 2 T Banjo Fuel Fitting 1 L Banjo Fuel Fitting If anyone has any or all of these parts, please shoot me a PM. Thanks,
  10. I though WWR had closed or sold the name to another shop? Didn't know they were still around. And by saying a "big group" of Z's are we talking about S30's or S31, Z31, Z32 & Z33's? There are plenty of the lather Z's rolling around but not a lot of S30's on the roads down here. I think the last shop were I saw a decent amount of S30's was "The Z Shop of Miami" way back in the day.
  11. Ok Cool. I met you last year around this time @ the sfzcc meet in Broward. I'll send you a PM.
  12. Howard, Are you the owner of the flat black '72 240z?
  13. Here is my Z in its current & period correct "Hot/Street Rod" look. I will be making some subtle changes to it soon but same theme.
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