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  1. done!
  2. Hi i looking for right and left door panel for my 2 seaters early 260z black interior. Thanks Greg
  3. Hi all, i looking for first gen inside door panel black color in good shape! Thanks! And Merry Christmas !
  4. greg


  5. Super clean ! More nice with the original front !
  6. greg

    Greg from France

    Hi All, I reading this forum since maybe 5 year but i never post ! exept by few things form menbers... Thanks everyone for all good informations we can found here! i m Z owner since 2004, buy 2 very rusty car and finaly by another one in more good condition but lot of worked was done anyway. it s not CA here in France it s the link of my car thread: http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/122644-french-white-z/?p=1146961 Thks
  7. Hello everyone, I will present myself in the good topic in the next 5min, but first i want to show my car! My Z are orignal Z from Belgium, not US import It's 73 model. Regarding the spec, i first wanted a good chassi so: Sub STI R180 3.9 diff with cutom STI shaft. S13 Gearbox Wilwood big brake front MSA disk brake conversion rear SSR Mk3 wheels MSA F/R sway bar Koni Race 8610 x4 Ground control coilover T3 Roll center About the engine, it s stock L24 SU, but a big L31NA triple carb are in working progress. I did 2 track day on Spa Classic 2013-2014. but i need more hp... Thks
  8. greg

    Looking for P90 head :)

    Hi, I'm looking for P90 head or P90A solid lifters with or without cam, valve.... but in good condition. I can pay via Paypal and the shiping adress will be in CA. Thanks ! Greg
  9. greg

    p90 head