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  1. It might be good to post pics of the molds being made in the process so people wont think your just talking. Even if they are not done it would be good to show that for good faith.
  2. You can always run a cowl induction hood as well if you wanted to.
  3. Thanks tony, glad I don't live in that state. Nevada is almost as bad now though.
  4. If I had all the parts ahead of time I could have it done in a day. It does not take much to put it in, its hooking everything up correctly, and hoping you dont have any broken parts that take the longest. I use my stock radiator with my LT1 and only time I had an over heating issue is when a hose blew a hole in it.
  5. Ehh, I think gunmetal would have been better.
  6. There is a thread on this in the S30 subforum
  7. You can still get the 028's in a 5 lug setup but I have not seen the 4 lugs in a while.
  8. Start off with getting the JTR swap book or just buy my whole car with the swap already done
  9. I have a 3.9 r200 welded as well sitting in my garage, came out of an early 84/85 300zx.
  10. If a cop pulls you over and asks to see under your hood you can say no.
  11. I like the idea of the new camaro lights, if you can find a pair and see if the size is correct for the zed.
  12. ^^^Solomon did my ecu chip as well (93 ecu had the eprom chips)
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