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  1. I'm a bit like you, I know chevy stuff. My plan is also like yours, by the time I'm done, the only factory electrical component will be the dome light. Aftermarket headlights,(dapper), aftermarket tail lights,(vette) hate if you must lol. I'm planning on a simple hotrod painless kit. I'll just have to figure out the ignition switch and combo switch. Everything else should be simple. You definitely came to the right site though, EVERYTHING is here. Search away...
  2. I'm doing something similar, so +1 on getting the bolt info. Maybe price included. Super clean build so far, I'm following this one for sure.
  3. Lol In my defense, It was owned by a family member of my wife's. We are never getting rid of it. And I've been looking for a car to put a chevy v8 in. Perfect match. And by the looks of a lot of projects on here, many of you also want a different look. I don't want a 350z. I just want metal flares that fit the body lines. I've seen a few around online. I'm just looking for an easier way of doing the fab work
  4. Just looked at the imsa stuff.....wow, uhhh maybe I like the stock body lines a bit more than them, lol That's too radical for me, but in the right direction....
  5. Like this Not this See how the body lines work better with the first one? Again, no disrespect to anyone. I simply have my own tastes. A seemless design, hopefully out of sheet metal, that looks like an original design, not like an after thought
  6. Has anyone considered or done this? I know it would take quite a bit of fab work, but not as much as one off sheet metal work. No offense to anyone but I'm not fond of stock body lines and don't care for zg. I've seen the porshe stuff, the bamf stuff, the subtle z stuff. Not for me
  7. I also got the 12", I called them and they replaced them with 10" at no charge
  8. I bought the illuminas so I could section the struts. I haven't done it yet though as I am doing a complete resto mod thing. I imagine though I'll have to measure really well because that short sleeve doesn't leave much room for error
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