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  1. okay, gotta ask. Is that a for sale sign making up the bottom of your fuel tank?
  2. looks amazing for a diy on the cheep. Great job sir!
  3. that's an awesome set up. You've got plenty of room left in there for plenty of fun bits, like, say, a supercharger. Great work.
  4. gotta go with nelsonian on this one, hold out for the real deal. You want a seat that's not going to snap into a million pieces if you wreck.
  5. my misunderstanding, either way it looks great. Keep it up.
  6. I'm curious to know if you had any weatherstripping in between them and the car. And if this is a common problem amongst others that ride with louvers?
  7. here's some louver shots of my 78. She's taken apart right now and i'm considering leaving them off but mine are made of metal. I'm thinking that a new coat of rattle can black will shine them up nicely once I blast them clean.
  8. That's looks great love the color! what are your plans with the louvers? Are you keeping them? However when it comes to the broken bolts, my wife got me one of these sets for x-mas last year, and they work pretty well. http://www.amazon.com/Alden-4017P-Drill-out-Broken-Extractor/dp/B00004Z2FC/ref=sr_1_7?s=hi&ie=UTF8&qid=1290991418&sr=1-7 It took a little getting used to, but they work better than the sets that are only meant for screws.
  9. yeah I found the fuel pump under the car but there's also an access panel in the trunk area that leads to something in the fuel tank. I just drained about 11 gallons of fuel out of it yesterday, and i'll drop the tank when I'm not busy frying a cow. I'll let you know what I find. and Rossman, i'm also really happy to get this one saved from the scrap yard. I've saved several other things from the scrap yard in the past, but this is my first JDM and i'm really happy about that.
  10. If by intake pump you mean in tank pump, then I'm pretty sure I have one, Access panel in the trunk and all. Unless, it's just the level sending unit.
  11. sweet! i'll go check that thing in the morning. Let you know what happens.
  12. that's an amazing gauge cluster. Great work, can't wait to make one up for me self.
  13. that's the plan, I'm pulling it apart right now. I know a guy who runs a soda blasting company and the first $200 I can put towards this is gonna go to a total body blast.
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