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  1. i am selling one exactly what you had in mind. check the forsale ad or email me attyoung911@yahoo.com
  2. I have a 1973 240Z., orange , black interior. 4 speed all original, it is in showroom condition. rarely driven last 10 years. repaint about 6 years ago. Motor not running so good now. clutch is slipping. will need new clutch soon. new tires and battery and tons of money into it. buy mine before I list it on ebay sunday. with the money you save you could have a professional motor swap or stay original., for more pictures. $7,500.00 firm attyoung911@yahoo.com
  3. hey there this is Att, from san jose too, how much do you want for rear fiberglass bumper, attyoung911@yahoo.com
  4. hi there, if you are on a tight budget and not making a ton of HP, i am using a fuel pump from a VW mid eighties rabbit, alot of them in junk yard, i paid $20 for mine and have been using it for about 2 years no problem. i have a 1976 280Z.
  5. [ I have both doors off 1972, no rust and very straight with gjass and regulator. No door panel. I am in San Jose. Will not ship. Cash only. Email me for pictures. $100 both doors quote name=nick570z' date='15 April 2010 - 10:02 PM' timestamp='1271394136' post='860630] i have a 77 280 hood and 71 240 driver door if you can use those
  6. Thank you for update, I will pass on mine, I am going SDS system, this will hopefully make room for next guy, Thank you making these for us Datsun guys ote name='ModernS30' date='16 April 2010 - 07:38 PM' timestamp='1271471931' post='860812'] How much is it again? I have cash but I will pretty much be blowing it all if I buy this setup. I need to have my car running by the 7th. Right now it is bare. Not sure it's really in my greatest interest. I wanted it, I still really do, but its what, 175 plus 15 for the timing mark bracket thing? I have a deal
  7. thanks for the advice, will try it with the radiator removed. hope to work on it this weekend.
  8. thank you for your advice. weather been bad lately and have not worked on car yet, will post pictures and install soon.
  9. i am having a hard time getting the crank damper off of engine, any hints would be helpful, cannot break the bolt loose. thanks in advance
  10. sorry no help here, i am starting a SDS installation myself in this up coming weeks. will post some pictures as i go forward. please post some help and info on your install also as it may help others. i am having a hard time getting my crank damper off to do the magnets. how hard was your to remove, and how did you do it? thank you
  11. Lecarra steering wheel adapter wanted for datsun 280Z, please let me know what you want for it. pictures and condition. thanks
  12. hey there, this is Att from san jose, i have a set from Japan , the good ones, it is the black heavier fiberglass ones, i also have Hokes240 mounting kit to go with it. email me and i will make you a good deal as i will not be using it. attyoung911@yahoo.com
  13. i will take a set. PM me and i will send payment Paypal.
  14. sold , thank you for looking.
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