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  1. they are custom coilovers with summit racing springs, illumina struts.
  2. In the market to buy another ms unit. Figured id give this place a shot before i go to diytune. Guess its also a long shot but also willing to buy a z31 ecu with nistune. Email is 260zturbo@gmail.com
  3. Took awhile but MSA finall got it out to me BURN THE BUSHINGS
  4. thx, sadly the s30 went and the rb-r went with it. Yea hit me up when you come back in town. Have to go visit all the other z people in br.
  5. the rear is in...excited
  6. fun times.....only if it was not 100+ outside
  7. yea i went with stance s13 gr+ pro coilovers...thx for looking Little update..rear suspension out and poly bushings going in.
  8. almost done with the coilovers
  9. Picked up a 84 z31 AE. To find out she is Canadian. SHE is in rough condition but nothing a z enthusiast cant handle Some parts i collected Yes those are speedhut guages (bought them for my 260 but sold her) rsx seats Cut the plate out of the bumper had to repair the side skirts and and rear flares. for example rota p45r...need more rubber sadly ;( w/ 88 turbo hubs turbo hubs with 60mm nismo studs more goodies (metal hg, z31parts bushings, RRR beefy diff mount, new rockers) aluminum ds (beefy joints) z32 30mm alum calipers 88 tension rods and new bushings coilovers in the works power plant time (i have forged pistons in the box just need to order eagle rods) Currently i am fixing all the dents and body work on the z. So like usual its a slow process. Still need to send the block off and get it check out ( w series ). Hopefully will be able to start on the under body soon. Received new carpet from motorsport but waiting on my swaybars and momo steering wheel from them...more to come soon.
  10. http://z31performance.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=22030 all credit to zed31, a great write up.
  11. you ever make it out to the meets in br?
  12. http://z31performance.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=2536 i thought about putting a z32 tranny behind my sohc vg30 but luckily found a donor with FS5R30A
  13. looking good mat...need to start working on mine before you get to far ahead of me >_< I want a lsx badly to
  14. ouch...yea man jack stands under everything you do. Sorry about your finger but your lucky it could been alot worse. at least your head was not under that..
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