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  1. stay away from the m7. that's all i got to say
  2. well my max troque's right around 3800 but I'm n/a for the moment. give me a few more weeks and maybe i'll have a dyno on a turbo setup
  3. I bet i could find one in my car. I could do 1000gp for far less than $50,000
  4. I'm thinking this what i'm gunna do
  5. If it's got a 5speed it's not from a supra it's from a arreo or however it's spelled. which makes some parts on it a little more difficult to find. as long as you're looking for under 500-600hp you';; be fine with that tranny and motor.
  6. my supra's got variable cam timing and it's got no issue down shifting
  7. 20lbs? you can't just go on a diet and lose that?
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