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  1. I have some small damage to the rear of my 240 and I'm looking for a aftermarket rear bumper or skirt to cover it up. If you think you have anything like this let me know, Thanks.
  2. I bought my 7m in tracy. It must have been fate that 7m builds have to do with Tracy.
  3. slide show http://rapidshare.com/files/291323609/nissan.rar.html
  4. setup slide show http://rapidshare.com/files/291323609/nissan.rar.html
  5. i've been road biking for about a year and a half now. i commute by bike to school about half the time. it's 10 miles each way, but pretty flat, so it's not too bad. i have a 03 cannondale caad5. i just can't see myself doing the fixie thing. Jesus made bikes to have gears and turning can get harry on a fixie.
  6. do you mean brian510 (i think his name was)? the orange z with black cowl hood? i think his son got into bikes the last i heard. im not sure about the car, it might have been parted out or they were talking about putting a v8 in it. that was a while ago
  7. that's too bad. i remember seeing that z in Orinda all the time, it always gave me the motivation i needed to go back to my house and work on my 72.
  8. http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/pts/969175397.html Just think, you can own a part of religious history.
  9. that is one nice gift from your company. i would just check out the subways during rushhour to see how much easier it is on BART.
  10. something that i noticed was that there will be a classic car show in Orinda on the 6th too, so i suggest that after the ride, and if their show is still is going on, we raid that car show and represent for the classic Datsuns.
  11. i'll take a medium. yeah that will be a good ride up on wildcat.
  12. I can go either way, but if for whatever reason that this BBQ can't be moved, I can reserve the spot on the morning because I live really close by in Orinda.
  13. well seeing that i live in Orinda, i think i should be able to make it.
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