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  1. I have some small damage to the rear of my 240 and I'm looking for a aftermarket rear bumper or skirt to cover it up. If you think you have anything like this let me know, Thanks.
  2. I bought my 7m in tracy. It must have been fate that 7m builds have to do with Tracy.
  3. slide show http://rapidshare.com/files/291323609/nissan.rar.html
  4. setup slide show http://rapidshare.com/files/291323609/nissan.rar.html
  5. i've been road biking for about a year and a half now. i commute by bike to school about half the time. it's 10 miles each way, but pretty flat, so it's not too bad. i have a 03 cannondale caad5. i just can't see myself doing the fixie thing. Jesus made bikes to have gears and turning can get harry on a fixie.
  6. do you mean brian510 (i think his name was)? the orange z with black cowl hood? i think his son got into bikes the last i heard. im not sure about the car, it might have been parted out or they were talking about putting a v8 in it. that was a while ago
  7. that's too bad. i remember seeing that z in Orinda all the time, it always gave me the motivation i needed to go back to my house and work on my 72.
  8. http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/pts/969175397.html Just think, you can own a part of religious history.
  9. that is one nice gift from your company. i would just check out the subways during rushhour to see how much easier it is on BART.
  10. pm sent to see if the car is still available!
  11. wow it's been two years and i haven't finished the swap on the 72 yet, damn i need to get going on that. damn if only engineering was as easy a major as political science, i would be done with this car by now.
  12. i have just started and i love it. i take BART most of the way, but i bike about 5 miles total and in the shape i am in right now 5 miles is just about right. i haven't had the best of luck so far because i have only biked twice and have already gotten a flat, broken my derailer, and i almost got run over by an old guy who ran a red light. i got a old Peugeot from the 80's for free and put like $100 freshening it up and it rides nice, i just got to get those brakes working better.
  13. do you have any discounted 225-245/17's?
  14. that video looks doctored. at the end when they show the guy slowing down, it is actually the part of the video where the BMW makes the U-turn, but they just slow down the video to look like he is stopping.
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