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  1. The car is pretty much done. 1600 miles of reliable driving on her so far. I live just 2 miles away from stunt road and many other empty canyon roads. This car is so pretty fast! Feeling more confident to drive to some auto-x events and such. Here are some pics.
  2. The Motor developed play in the crank bearing, that caused some knocking noise. I went out and found a mint 1994 Corvette with 34k original miles on the motor. pulled that motor and swapped it into the 240z. The whole process took 4 days Including sourcing the motor to cleaning up my driveway. Car runs good again. Then I installed our new Silverminemotors Coilovers, lower control arms and adjustable TC rods. The car handles amazingly now! Also very quiet and smooth. I made a little video of the process.
  3. The 240z just got new Silver Mine Motors Coilover kit, adjustable lower control arms, and tension control rods. After getting a good alignment the car handles so much better than the Eibach springs and tokico hp shocks. Cat sticks to the ground and makes me feel more confident that before. I set my suspension setting to Front Camber: 1.25 Caster: 5 positive Toe: 1/16" out Rear Camber: 1.25 Also restored and reinstalled all the body parts, Car looks complete now.
  4. We are now testing the entire kit on a S30 with 2JZ motor. The kit fits on and everything lines up perfectly. We just want to put some hard miles on it to see if we need to make any changes before I start producing the first 10 kits for sale. I did not start this thread. I feel like I'm highjacking it. please let me know if You want me to start a new thread?
  5. Yes in the future. First we want to finish the rear end kit.
  6. Installed new weather stripping on the doors and rear hatch. Car is more quiet and it smells less. Also installed LED headlights. These lights are really bright! This 240z did not come with relays for the headlights. This caused my headlight switch to smoke and melt so I installed a relay system. Also my rear brakes were to strong and locked up before the fronts. I installed a adjustable Wilwood prop valve on the rear hardline coming out the master cylinder and turned down pressure on the rear brakes. Now the bias is perfect!
  7. I'm still working on this. It's a slow process. Update: We have installed all the parts and it all fits perfect. I can't buy a gland nut, so we are going to make a custom gland nut. Then we can actually test drive the car/ rear end kit. Here's a few pics of what we have so far. I have no time estimate. Or price, but my goal is to make the price lower than any other similar kit.
  8. Been working on the car some more. Got a new used gas tank and welded an external sump on it. Then had it professorially cleaned and re sealed. Installed AN fittings to a Huge fuel filter with cleanable filter screen. installed a WALBRO 255LPH fuel pump. Re installed the door panels and seats and many other interior parts. Car would not start for months while We tried everything. In the end it was the third opti spark unit that works. We also converted the LT1 ignition system to use 8 x LS1 coils, using Bob Bailey LTCC kit. Now the car runs great! Fast and even a little scary. Sorry for the late reply, I bought the roll cage as a general kit. It had to be re bent and modified to fit, plus I added a few extra parts.
  9. Id love to hear your thoughts after trying Our Electric power steering kit. Your perfect for it since you have wide tires and turn the wheel a lot during auto cross events. I wonder if your times will drop.
  10. We are making more of them now. They should be done in 2-3 weeks. Check on our website to order silverminemotors.com
  11. Hey guys I've been working on an 8.8 kit for the past 2 years. All same parts as Wills kit. We are going to be installing the first prototype in 1-2 months. Just letting you know, see pics of our progress. We plan to sell this kit on our website silverminemotors.com after we finish testing.
  12. I have 2 pairs of z31 300zx turbo rear cv axels. Used condition. but in good shape. I was going to use them in my cv axle conversion swap for my 240Z. I decided to go another rout and so i'm selling all the parts for the conversion.$300 for a pair of the axels. 1 left and 1 right axle. Not both pairs. I also have the custom made 4 bolt companion flanges brand new for sale $400. Also have the custom shorter half shafts brand new for sale $400. see last picture. I can ship them anywhere if you pay for shipping. Reply to the thread or call or text Edan (818) 636 - 2797
  13. I read the same thing and decided on the 7/8 clutch master cylinder. I haven't driven the car yet, so I can't say how it feels. It was easy to install
  14. We could easily make them, they would cost around $800/ pair. We dont sell to many of the regular ones so I'm not sure if it will be worth it to make a batch.
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