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  1. it takes patience. Ive learned this early on. I saved my cash for the day i would get a chance to get out of primer. IN the meantime (1 year) i was made fun of by everyone. It was a car in primer and the rust was starting to come up again. But i did keep dreaming even when everyone and even I at times doubted i would ever make this car respectable. but here i am now. the car is painted and no one doubts anymore. Best of all, ive made my dream car possible. Making you dream machine come true also comes down to shopping for the best bargain. they;re out there. just like i said thou. Its all pati
  2. Its a tight fit but it doesnt interfere at all with the connections on the backside. Im very pleased with the headlights and they are very bright. But like i said before, imo, the only downsides to this headlight is the cost and the plastic instead of glass. other than that its a very nice product that was perfect for my situation and the look i was trying to achieve.
  3. wheels are called BSA wheels. the headlights are autonik 7" headlights. bought them from a place called yogis.
  4. thanks for the compliments guys. About the exhaust i have a 3" magnaflow and i want to get 3" all the way back with a resonator (i already have a brand new magnaflow muffler in the garage). Any ideas how much something like that would cost (getting everthing welded and all)? not looking for exact figures just guesstimates to give me an idea.
  5. never mind. i found it on the autometer website. says its the brown wire.
  6. yea its kinda weird. You would think that for that price they could at least make it glass. Never the less the headlights really did the trick sence i took out the 280z lights and cut the brackets that use to hold the lights. Looks cleaner to me. All that its missing i think is an intercooler maybe haha(turbo ls1 anyone? haha). Thanks for the link btw. Im going to get it from them. Btw i just installed a used autometer procomp tach. It works and all but right now its caliberated to an 8cyl. I saw two wires an orange and a brown one in the back and i was told by a freand i need to cut o
  7. ill be there for sure. i was there last year but honestly it was a disaster so i wasnt anywhere near the car. Theres a pic of it at msa (the pic is on azizas myspace) next to this really really nice red z which had to park right next to my primer piece of :flamedevi:flamedevi:flamedevi. oh well. Ill be at MSA for sure thou.
  8. http://www.yogisinc.com/Detail.cfm/-/Product_CD=9001C/product.htm thats where i got them from. But a little something i didnt like is that it isnt glass. its plastic. so any rock or anything that hits it that light will be history. Im looking for a sheild currently.
  9. btw aziza has a myspace for all that have one haha. http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=66743786
  10. thanks for the comments guys. The front was blended in by first welding in the "indents" where the bumpers use to go (did the floor pans and frame rails at the same time). It was as close to flush as i could get it with metal. At first i thought "why dont i just leave it like that with the line. Its pretty damn close. But i went though with it anyway and theres fiberglass on top of that. As far as flex. Ive pushed against the airdam after it had dried and rather than crack the whole fender goes out. so im pretty sure it wont crack unless i hit something. The headligh
  11. its a daily driver. Only time it sits is when i work on it. But its usally little things so it stays on the road. Had to not drive it for four monthes while painting it. NExt time it sit hopefully it will be in the works on an ls1 swap.
  12. haha. yea at the end i got lazy. Either way the gas tank is going to be replaced with a fuel cell and the exhaust sticks out way to far so thats gona go to.
  13. Here are pics when i first got the car back in dec-05
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