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  1. Its actually a 91 200tq. I'm really enjoying driving this light weight Z now compared to the big boat. It is pretty fun tho. The transmission in these audis will hold upto 600whp easily if not tracked hard. Its just a street car that I do highway pulls in, so the drivetrain isn't too stressed. I'm actually thinking about putting the 5 cylinder in the datsun backed by a built turbo 400 transmission, tubed and 4 linked with some MT drag radials. Thats a couple years out at this point tho. Justin
  2. Crazy running into another VW guy over here. I've just acquired a 280z, but have been into vw and audis for the past 5 years or so. Here's my current project that needs to get all dialed before I take the Z down for a cage, 4link, and motor swap http://forum.vwsport.com/pics/data/500/medium/Dscn1572.jpg and my Z: http://forum.vwsport.com/pics/data/500/medium/Dscn1599.jpg
  3. I'm not really concerned with the compression ratio as I'm going to be running E85(ethanol) which has little trouble with detonation. I was just curious how far I could push this l28 bottomend. I've been thinking I may end up just pulling the whole drivetrain and fitting the motor from my audi. Its a 2.6L 5 cylinder, and I'm in the process of going through the whole motor with pauter rods, CP pistons, stroker crank, tall deck block, ect ect ect. I doubt my turbo manifold would work in the 280z engine bay, but I think it would be a lot of fun with a turbo 400 transmission, tubed with Mickey Thompson drag radials. So have people made say 400whp with the L28? Are the turbo rods any beefier, or are they the same as the rods I have? Regards, Justin
  4. I just purchased a 77 280z. It runs great, but has a weird hot start issue. I can drive it for and hour no problem. I turn the car off and go to restart it and it has no spark. The lights on the dash dont light up. I hear the fuel pump click on, but thats the only electrical thing I hear working. If I let the car sit for about 5 minutes, the lights work in the instrument cluster and the car fires right up. At first I thought it was just the distributor. I rebuilt the distributor(new pickup coil, rotor and cap), but the problem is still there. Next I was going to try the igniton module, but I wanted to check on here for what symptoms it would have if that is going out. Any ideas? Regards, Justin Olson
  5. I just got a 77 280z that I'm thinking about turbocharging. I'm not familiar with the week points of this motor and just wanted to know how much power people are making on stock internal L28? I'm thinking of putting a GT40R onto it and run 8-10psi. Would the internals hold up ok? I'm not a n00b to car stuff. Here's my audi with a gt42R and full built motor. 700AWHP: Regards, Justin
  6. Is there much of a need for subframe connectors running the full length of the underbody when you have a full cage? Couldn't you just tie the cage into the subframes themselves? Regards, Justin
  7. Thanks for the great response. I appreciate you helping me out as I'm so new to these Z's. After buying it as a daily driver Its been growing on me. My first RWD sports car The list of things I want to do to it is growing by the day. I hope to have it looking sharp by spring. I'm trying to line up a good suspension and a set of Panasport 16" wheels. The Audi has been a love of mine for a long time and I will continue to have it around. I just need something a little different because at this point I can't effectively use the power due to drivetrain strength. Its nice to have so many stout options as far as drivetrain is concerned. This will allow me to go real nuts with the car. Well, I'll be around here a lot as this seems to be the coolest Z forum around. Regards, Justin
  8. From what I've found there is very little rust on the car. I looked under all of the carpet and the floor boards aren't rusted. There is no rust in the back of the car around the spare tire well. I'm going to look underneath the car and see if I can find anything. I think I have a very solid car especially for the price I payed. Regards, Justin
  9. Thanks for the advice. Its just that I'd like to change the cosmetic stuff now as its fairly inexpensive. I'm going to get a rollbar setup in the car this spring. I dont want to do a full cage as this is my daily driver. I'm just going to do small things like suspension and exterior work for now. I have plenty of other projects and this one wont be opened up for a couple years mechanically. The audi pictured above puts down 750AWHP, and is my racing car at this point. I dont need two cars like that, atleast not right now. Thanks for the link to the Z store. They have a lot of the stuff I've been looking for. Is the sheet metal different on the early 240Z? It seems I can't use the thin metal bumpers like the 240z. What would I need to change to make that work? I'm really love Darius old front end look and would like to do this to my 280z. Please help me out. I search a lot but am getting confused as to what I can do. Regards, Justin
  10. I just recently bought a 77 280z and would like to do some improvements to the bumpers. I dont like the bulky bumpers that are currently on the car. Here are some pictures of my car: I would like to do a small front bumper and lower valence to give it a more sporty look like this: From what I've read I will need 240z brackets to fit the smaller bumpers. Where should I go to buy these parts. Thanks for the help. I'm going to do some exterior modifications while I save up for a ls1 motor or I may throw the motor out of my audi into it with a turbo 400 transmission: Regards, Justin
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