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  1. What is with the fenders covering up the rear doors? in that video
  2. i have a spare drive shaft not sure what it came out of most likely 280 give me a call jerry 702-491-5072
  3. I have a complete 2.8 engine with headers and su carbs i will let go for 400.00 , but i am in las vegas. was running when pulled from my car before my turbo swap
  4. Hey I might have one, let me check my storage area
  5. I just did this this weekend . i found that you had to remove the hatch from the hinges to get anought of an angel to remove the hinges from their pocket
  6. I had megasquirt up and running on my 240 turbo, while we were adjusting fuel mixture, the battery died [forgot to hook up alt duh!!!]well when we charged battery and hooked up the alt the fuel injectors would not fire . checked setings all were still logged in and showing rpms when cranking. any thoughts ? thanks in advance jerry
  7. Yea about thirty years ago in high school , had a 2180 duel carb vw ,lifted about four inches kinda fast, their were quite a few in my high school out here in the desert
  8. my forge je 88mm came to about 725.00
  9. I think mine will go to the 88 735i the reverse seems to be slipping now, damn!!! would rather spend on new stuff
  10. If you have use of a welder ,weld another nut onto it .Just weld up the center of the nut. If no welder try nut with jb weld
  11. Hey dude do not give me that crap that i did not pay for your 10.00 part .I requested an invoice three times and you did not get back to me for over a week , i had aready purchased another afm by the time you came back with that lame story about id theft with no proof
  12. Yes I will upgrade injectors along with intake and fuel rail once i get the engine up and running
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