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  1. Hi everyone, I already introduced myself, but now im going to finally get to workin on my Z. I got this Z back in Nov/Dec and after so many months of my Z waiting at my work, she finally made it home this past week. I stored her at work while My wife and I found and bought our first home together, anyways she drives, but she has a bad carb that leaks and the motor is really tired, and the exahust by the looks was put on by a monkey since not all the pieces were fit on correctly making it leak exhaust everywhere. Almost everything is original to this Z except the tranny, the shitty radio I r
  2. Looking great! Im going to be starting my build on my 1970 240z myself. She runs and just about everything is original on the car. Mine is #979 I got her for free!!
  3. Awesome, Ill be doing my own build on my 70 240z when I finish fixing my house I just bought. 2 car garage that I carpeted from the old carpet in the house so I can sit comfortable on the ground. The color I was thinking of doing is almost the same color as yours. I'm using my motorcycle stock color. I'll upload a photo when I'm at a computer, it'll be blue from mt bike, or red from another hybridz owners 240, or maybe a gunmetal grey. Leaning towards the blue or red.
  4. Is the build done?! I would love to see what happened with the build!
  5. Yeah, I was off from work today so I didn't drive all the way to work, might go tomorrow afternoon to see how she does around the block again.
  6. Well the pistons on this car might be bad anyways since the motor seems to never have been rebuilt. Well I need to get everything done by the 31st of this month. So I can finally get a license plate and make sure I don't have to smog. Shoot I freakin forgot! I went outside and tried her around the block and she actually did great, no noise today. I'll be heading to work on a sat tomorrow so Ill do another video tomorrow. One going down the street too
  7. Maybe it did flood, I have no idea, Lets hope I flooded it cause I have to drive it home about 40 miles lol
  8. I actually took off the carbs and the intake manifold and gave them a good cleaning, made new gaskets and bought float gaskets from ztherapy. She runs really good aside from that leak. For that reason she cant be synced properly. I have to take her to the dmv to be verified as a 1970 this month so I can finish up the registration and transfer paperwork. After that I can garage it and start the real work. There isn't any leaks on the connections from carb to intake, its the throttle linkage where theres free play at. Its all original, I have a video on youtube to show where the leak is at
  9. I just checked them when I had help trying to sync the carbs. They should be good, even though the carbs are on there last leg. Going to order some ztherapy carbs soon.
  10. The float I drained was the rear float closest to the cabin. The only reason I drained that one was because when the car did't start back up at the gas station I didn't have any tools on me since I was right around the corner from work. I tried listening to the motor yesterday and it stopped making the noise :/ So i'll have to look today while on my lunch break. I actually know for a fact I have air leak in my carb joints on the front carb, it still works but not well, they need to be replaced with some ztherapy carbs. I did the carb cleaner spraying on the joint and it actually almost s
  11. Its sounds like a low whistle OOOOoing noise if that makes sense. its harder to hear in this video, I'll try to take another one.
  12. So I drove the car to the gas station the other day. I fill up the tank and go to start the car and she won't start, it was weird since she was fine driving around the block. Anyways after trying a few times I basically emptied one float since I had no tools and the gas station didn't have any tools as well I yanked one tube open and drained it. Tried her again and she started right up, but then started making this weird winy noise. Anyways I recorded the noise, if anyone knows what this could be please let me know.
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    1970 240z

    1970 240z Vin 000979. Got her for free! Took two weeks to get her running, now im restoring her the first time so I can have fun with the other stuff later. It may take awhile but it'll be worth it.
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