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  1. BallZ

    280z Interior Parts

    Looking for a manual pedal box, let me know if ya got one for sale
  2. BallZ

    78 280z manual pedal box

    Hybridz used to bump looks like some of you older members finally ran everybody off...lol search newbs
  3. BallZ

    78 280z manual pedal box

    Looking for a 78 manual pedal box with pedals. Thanks
  4. BallZ

    Low oil pressure with Rb? Dont ignore it.

    This is a common issue with rb motors they're not actually made to be bounced off the rev limiter. Who knows how your engine was treated before you got it. Anyway this isn't a nissan issue it's a driver issue, there racing team figured this out long ago. It's actually a recommended upgrade for those that like to rev the piss out of the engine. Anyway thanks for the reminder better upgrade mine before I finish my swap
  5. BallZ

    Looking for EGR Adapter

    Head over to your local fastenal they will have it
  6. I just read all 11 pages...anybody do the neo rb25det I just ordered it yesterday. Is there any differences I should be concerned about. I tried using the search but the crappy search will not recognize 3 letter words such as neo...
  7. Front Bumper I see it in a pic...Is it for sale? If so how much shipped to 27332?
  8. BallZ

    Eclipse seats

    Just to clarify its the front welded piece that goes over to the trans tunnel. Thanks for the reply
  9. Not sure of the year of the seats, with that being said the measurements work width wise, but my hold up is the front bracket welded to the floor. Would I be ok cutting the welded front floor mounting piece out? or do I risk other problem's by doing this? Thank for the insight tried searching for awhile but came up with way to many results...Ryan
  10. BallZ

    confirm before megasquirt

    YOU MAY HAVE EXCESS AIR ENTERING THE INTAKE SOMEWHERE!!! Connect your AFM, have a friend start the car, you manipulate the AFM by hand it should run but you will have lean back fires. The same thing happened to me at first I was thinking that when I replaced my intake/exhaust gasket that I screwed it up. After trying the procedure I listed above, low and behold I missed a huge vacuum port that was hiding between the 5th and 6th runner. Also You can take the time to spray carb cleaner around your intake manifold and listen for changes in your idle...Ryan
  11. BallZ

    confirm before megasquirt

    I had this same issue...found a huge vacuum leak on the intake. unmetered air can cause your problem
  12. BallZ

    Partial Part Out 1972 240z

    Sounds Good...
  13. BallZ

    Partial Part Out 1972 240z

    What kind of shape is the front bumper in? I don't care about the chrome just that it's straight.
  14. BallZ

    WTB: 75-76 280Z fuel tank

    ok, the only place I found that can do it said it would be approx. 125 give or take a couple bucks. Let me know what you would like to do. Sorry it took so long the military sometimes takes up all my time.......Ryan
  15. BallZ

    WTB: 75-76 280Z fuel tank

    Hey I have not forgot about you, crap has gotten a little out of hand at work. I will have some info for you today.....Ryan